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Heroin: The Illegal Opioid

801 Reviews

What’s The Missing Ingredient in a Recipe for Effective Healthcare?

2,073 Reviews

HCAHPS Series: Discharge and Transitions of Care

280 Reviews

Team-Based Healthcare: Helping to Improve Patient Outcomes

537 Reviews

Trauma-Informed Care for Healthcare Professionals

1,341 Reviews

Dementia: Essential Information for Supporting Patient, Client, Caregiver, and Healthcare Team

2,314 Reviews

Malnutrition Alert! How to Improve Patient Outcomes

2,171 Reviews

Health Literacy and Discharge Education: I Didn’t Understand

30 Reviews

Case Management Basics

13,485 Reviews

Case Management Basics

This course has been approved for 4 hours by the Commission on Case Manager Certification for 2006, 2007, 2008, ....

5.8 contact hrs

$47.00 Pay only $23.50 with an Unlimited CE Membership.
Management of the Patient With Stroke

43,884 Reviews