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Team-Based Healthcare Improves Patient Outcomes

109 Reviews

Malnutrition: Improving Patient Outcomes

607 Reviews

Recognizing and Treating Five Shock States

168 Reviews

Trauma-Informed Care for Healthcare Professionals

870 Reviews

Understanding Insulin Management

661 Reviews

Ethics for Nurses

3,562 Reviews

Ethics for Nurses

Ethical decision-making in healthcare occurs on a regular basis, often without so much as a passing thought. Hea....

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Case Management Basics

2,417 Reviews

Case Management Basics

Case management is an area of practice that offers nurses an opportunity to build on their clinical knowledge, a....

5.0 contact hrs

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Rhythm Recognition: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

10,188 Reviews

Palliative Care for the Pulmonary Patient

5,123 Reviews

Health Literacy and Discharge Education, Part 2: I Didn’t Understand!

5,063 Reviews