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Is your career goal achieving nurse certification?

Benefits of Certification

Results from the Nurse.com Nursing Salary Research Report show certified nurses’ base salaries alone are greater than those of nurses who are not certified. In addition, many organizations pay for certification preparation exams and test fees, and they reward nurses with hourly certification differential pay.

Other benefits of nursing certifications include boosted confidence in the workplace, along with respect from colleagues, increased professional opportunities and better marketability and employability in the job market.

How Nurse.com can Help

Achieving certification is not an easy feat, given the amount of time, energy and focus it requires. But we can help. Nurse.com offers online, self-paced test prep courses that focus on the core topics, you must master in order to pass the nursing certification exam offered by your specialty’s governing board or association.

Available in self-paced, online modules, these courses enhance your clinical knowledge and prepare you to take your certification exam with confidence.

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