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Share Your Nurse Stories and Photos

Real Stories by Real Nurses

Inspire your colleagues and future nurses. Tell us about moments that moved you, mentors who guided you, or your nursing career journey. And share your favorite nursing photos or short videos for possible use in our 2024 National Nurses Week video!

Share Your Experience

Your nurse stories matter and deserve to be shared throughout the nursing community. Perhaps you have touching nursing stories from the bedside about a moving moment you shared with a patient or a funny story about an interaction with a patient or colleague that other nurses can relate to. Maybe you have a tale about a nurse you admire who helped you get your footing in the nursing profession. Or you want to share the exact moment that motivated you to pursue nursing as a career.

No matter who or what was your motivation, we encourage you to write your inspirational nursing stories for inclusion on our Blog, shared and read by nurses around the world.

And this year for National Nurses Week, we invite you to submit photos and short videos that we can review and possibly include in our Nurses Week video! If you haven’t watched last year’s video, click here (you may want to grab a box of tissues first). Our Nurses Week videos are created to honor you and your hard work and dedication. View Submission Guidelines for helpful tips. You can also submit photos — plus short videos — via [email protected]. Start sending your photos and videos today! The deadline for Nurses Week submissions has been extended to March 11, 2024!

View Submission Guidelines

Submit Your Nursing Story

Once we review your submission, a team member will contact you if we intend to publish your story.

Submission Guidelines for Stories

  • All submitted content must be original work and cannot have previously appeared or be submitted to another publication for publishing after being accepted by
  • Each blog should be 500 words or longer and written from the nurse’s point of view.
  • If you cite research in your story, studies should not be more than three years old, unless confirmed they are the most current research available.
  • Facts should be properly attributed within the blog by citing the source, such as “according to the CDC,” or by linking to the source where the research is discussed within the content. Footnotes and references will not be published at the end of the blog post.
  • Stories chosen for publication remain Relias/ property and cannot be published elsewhere without the express consent of Relias.
  • Content cannot contain any direct or indirect negative statements about any organization or share any information that would violate HIPAA regulations. For instance, a patient’s real name or dates they were hospitalized should not be used. You can refer to a patient by a pseudonym.
  • Provide us with your name, headshot, nursing credentials, and background for us to include in your author biography. Your name will appear in the blog byline.
  • All submitted content is subject to review and approval. It will be reviewed for clarity, grammar, fact-checking, and compliance with our brand standards.
  • We encourage you to submit photos and videos to enhance your story. All submissions will be reviewed for HIPAA compliance prior to publication. Video links also can be shared from a platform, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Submission Guidelines for Nurses Week Photos and Videos

  • For Nurses Week submissions, please include the names of everyone pictured in this submission form. If you have several photos to share, please submit them via [email protected].
  • Send photos of yourself in scrubs or a lab coat. Make sure your facility/organization or patients can’t be identified in the photo. (Keep HIPAA in mind at all times!)
  • Send photos of yourself with other nurses (make sure everyone in the photo is a nurse). Small groups work best.
  • You can also submit photos or video clips of yourself with friends and family or engaging in activities during your free time.
  • Photos shouldn’t display the logos of products or organizations, including your employer’s logo.
  • If you need to check with your employer before sending photos or videos, please do so! Be sure to mention we will not be using images that clearly identify your workplace.
  • Videos can be sent to [email protected].
  • We’ll contact you with further details if we’re interested in using your submissions.