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Recognizing and Treating Five Shock States

168 Reviews

Concussion Evaluation and Management in Pediatric Patients

744 Reviews

Treating Hypothermia in the Trauma Patient

479 Reviews

Managing Shock States and DIC

2,634 Reviews

Common Brain Injuries and the CT Scan

10,702 Reviews

When Disasters Strike: Preparing for the Unexpected

6,536 Reviews

Interprofessional Guide to Pain Management

16,162 Reviews

Active Shooter Training for Healthcare Professionals: What You Need to Know

18,711 Reviews

Traumatic Brain Injury

46,044 Reviews

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury, also called acquired brain injury or head injury, occurs when a sudden trauma causes som....

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Abdominal Trauma

36,561 Reviews

Abdominal Trauma

The abdominal cavity is relatively unprotected and prone to trauma. Because the abdominal cavity can hold signif....

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