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Interprofessional Education and Teamwork: What? When? How?

4 Reviews

Thinking Interprofessionally: Overcoming Obstacles and Seeing Success

22 Reviews

Accountable Care: Care of Patients from Hospital to Home and Healthcare Roles

17 Reviews

The Future of Nursing Report

23,856 Reviews

Inattentional Blindness: When You Just Didn’t See It

4,960 Reviews

Medication Reconciliation: Avoiding Dangerous Errors

19,131 Reviews

Best Practices for Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) Implementation and Adoption

13,782 Reviews

Empathy 101 for Nurses: How to Care for Yourself While Emotionally Supporting Others

9,512 Reviews

Interprofessional Collaboration

9,529 Reviews

Transformational Leadership for Staff Nurses

9,795 Reviews