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Why Nurses Need Higher Education

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According to our 2022 Nurse.com Nurse Salary Research Report, as your education increases, so does your salary. But that’s not the only appeal of higher education. Nurses who pursue APRN certification, a BSN, MSN, PhD or DNP do so because they have specific career goals in mind.

Whether those goals involve practicing more autonomously, teaching, flexing your research muscles or becoming a nurse manager or CNO, the first step is choosing a nursing program that fits your schedule and personality. We provide the information you need to make an informed choice on a nursing program.

Learn More About Your Path and the Benefits of Higher Education

Nursing Degree Options

BSN Degree
Nurses with BSNs receive more job opportunities and higher salaries.
MSN Degree
Gives you the skills to lead change, promote health and elevate care.
Doctoral Degrees
Choose a PhD to focus on research or a DNP to focus on practice.
APRN Certifications
Allows you to elevate your practice as an NP, CNS, CRNA or CNM.
Online Programs
Bring the classroom to you instead of learning in a classroom.

Benefits of Higher Education

Why Continue Your Nursing Education?

Advance Your Career
Advance Your Career
Take your career to new heights as a leader, teacher or researcher.
Improve Care Quality
Improve Care Quality
Contribute to better patient outcomes for your organization.
Elevate the Profession
Elevate the Profession
Learn how to lead change, promote health and enhance care.
Increase Your Salary
Increase Your Salary
Net a higher salary in the organization and locale of your choice.