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Salary is a top issue for most RNs like you, particularly when it comes to comparing to peers. Research says U.S. nurses earn an average salary that is more than double the global average. But you are probably more concerned about your wages and salary potential over the course of your career. A good way to ensure you're making what your education, experience and location dictate is by keeping up on salary trends.

Our 2018 Nursing Salary Research Report gives you and your employers the necessary information to take a hard look at wage scales and determine if the numbers add up. We conducted the salary and benefits survey in 2017. The online survey of 4,520 nurses nationwide included 4,126 women and 394 men. Nurses from all 50 states participated.

Yes, it is a numbers game. But you also need solid information from professionals who can explain what the numbers mean and how to get the salary your skills warrant. And we can provide it!

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Our nurse salary research report was the first step in giving you all the resources you need – and beyond. Next, we dissected the results to discover the rationales behind both how hospitals and healthcare organizations develop salary strategies and how nurses are approaching the big salary question during job interviews and job performance evaluations. We developed articles from our research, that not only explain trends, but can help you decide whether to negotiate, seek higher education or simply find a new job position to increase your earning potential. You'll find these helpful resources in our blog and in the Your Nurse Salary Guide digital edition.

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