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Is it wise to enter alternative-to-discipline programs for substance use disorders?

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A nurse was reported to her board of nursing for an apparent substance use disorder. After a hearing, the board recommended she would need to get into a treatment program sponsored by the board to maintain her license. Find out about the different types of programs, such as alternative-to-discipline programs.

Does work stoppage or strike create liability for patient abandonment?

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Without other information to the contrary, it seems this strike is a result of difficulties between the school nurse, other school employees and their employer. As such, the strike would be seen as an employer-employee abandonment instead of patient abandonment. Read more insights from our legal attorney expert.

IOM Future of Nursing report card: Progress after 10 years  

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The goal of the IOM Future of Nursing report was to provide a prescription for nurses to facilitate the nation’s shift from hospital-based services to a system focused on prevention and wellness in the community. Find out what progress was made and what still needs attention moving forward, according to nursing experts.