Education tech tools

To add to the list of tools in the article “On the move with mHealth” (, another use of smart phone and tablet apps is patient and family education. For instance, Phoenix Children’s Hospital has a s Read More

Nursing and religion

Regarding the article “American Muslim RNs reflect on challenges” (, why do we have to stamp everything and everyone with religion? Why can’t we see everyone as a human being — someone’s m Read More

Thank you

On behalf of the entire Hope Force International staff and cadre of volunteers, we want to thank you for the wonderful opportunity to have Jennifer Meade, our wonderful volunteer nurse who served us in Haiti, featured on the cover Read More

Palliative care

“RNs can help promote geropalliative care”  is a nice article, but there are components of palliative care that are provided by others. LPNs and CNAs are an intricate part of palliative care, as are chaplains, social workers Read More


Wow! Haiti is such a beautiful island. I would love to be a part of this mission. — Dina Navarra-Hebert Letter refers to article "Compassion drives Hope Force in Haiti" by Jennifer Meade, BSN, RN, who volunteered on a missio Read More

Pay gap

I read the article “Nurses speak out about gender pay gap”. Thank you for presenting this important topic. I was employed as a clinical research nurse at a medical school, and I hired a male nurse as an assistant. He was a new Read More

Thank you

Thank  you,, for the opportunities of educational enhancement and knowledge sharing you provide RNs absolutely free. After 38 years as an RN, I find the articles and webinar features to be fresh, relevant and very inter Read More