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Nurses have the training, but need more authority, to lead HIV care teams

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Nurses are at the heart of achieving HIV treatment and prevention goals, according to the American Nurses Association’s 13 updated policies on preventing and caring for HIV and related conditions, which were released in December 2019. Tracy Hicks, DNP But advanced practice registered nurses and other nurses don’t have the necessary authority to do

LGBTQ healthcare equality: How to become a leader

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Staff at the two community hospitals in the El Camino Health system strive to help all patients heal, relieve suffering and advance wellness. The emphasis is on “all” patients, with the goal to be inclusive and respectful of everyone seeking healthcare, said Patricia DeMellopine, MSN, RN, CNS, nursing educator in Mental Health and Addiction Services

CCRN courses help experienced and newer nurses ramp up their skills

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Hospital nurses are increasingly faced with caring for highly complex acute patients with quickly changing healthcare needs. Nurses' ability to provide quality care often depends on not only their critical care experience but also what they know about current evidence-based and best practices, according to Mary Ann Christie, ACNP, MSN, CCRN, PCCN, CSC, CMC, an

In rural healthcare, NPs can be a solution to severe provider shortage

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2018 marked 25 years of the state’s nurse practitioners being able to practice independently of physicians and having prescriptive authority. Despite this influx in rural healthcare providers, New Mexico’s rural residents are struggling with a severe shortage of primary care providers.