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NurseDot Podcast

Providing nurses with validation, resources, and hope — one episode at a time

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About the Podcast

The NurseDot Podcast is a weekly nursing podcast dedicated to providing nurses with validation, resources, and hope, one episode at a time. Every week host Cara Lunsford, RN, CPHON, and VP of Community at, will sit down with a new guest speaker to share inspiring stories of resilience and empowerment, building a space where nurses can speak candidly, feel valued, and discover tools and insights that can benefit their profession. Nurses are a community that plays a critical role in frontline healthcare, and this is a community that Cara and the NurseDot Podcast team strive to support.

Meet Your Host

Cara Lunsford, VP of Community at Relias and is a Registered Nurse with 16 years of experience in the acute care setting as a pediatric Heme/ONC nurse, home health, and home infusion. She is the founder of the HOLLIBLU app, the first social media network for nurses, which was acquired by in 2022. Cara has acted as the Director of Nursing for an L.A. based home health and hospice center and is currently the VP of Community at