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Episode 5: Legal Nurse Consulting

In this week's episode, Cara is joined by Janice Dolnick, BSN, RN, a Legal Forensic Nurse, about her career in legal nurse consulting. Janice details her journey from traditional nursing to her current role, highlighting the evolution of her career and the gaps in nursing education. She emphasizes the importance of understanding multiple perspectives in her work. Cara and Janice explore the entrepreneurial aspects of legal nurse consulting and provides guidance for nurses interested in this career path.

Janice Dolnick, a once burnt-out nurse, rediscovered her passion for nursing through Legal Nurse Consulting. With over a decade of experience in criminal cases, wrongful death cases, and personal injury, she has successfully built her consulting business since 2009. Janice founded the Legal Nurses Rock community, which has grown into the Legal Nurses for Justice Certificate and Mentorship program. As a champion for female entrepreneurs, she educates fellow nurses on documentation, lawsuit protection, and the intricacies of Legal Nurse Consulting. Join Janice to learn how to reignite your passion for nursing and transform your career.