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Safety First: The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals for 2018

10,220 Reviews

Anticoagulant Overdoses Prompt Joint Commission to Issue National Patient Safety Goals

25,563 Reviews

Preventing Medication Errors

22,871 Reviews

Administration of Moderate Sedation/Analgesia

58,096 Reviews

Infection Control for Healthcare Professionals (Not for NY)

12,591 Reviews

Caring for the Postanesthesia Patient

27,898 Reviews

Eagle Eye: Exercises in Reducing Medication Errors

8,305 Reviews

Inpatient Fall Prevention: The Balance Between Mobility and Safety

10,230 Reviews

Knocking Out Pain Safely with PCA

25,779 Reviews

Lines of Communication

37,579 Reviews

Lines of Communication

From taking an order over the telephone to handing off a patient to another department, all healthcare professio....

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