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Episode 3: Evolving Nursing Paths

This week, Cara is joined by Sara Bliss, author and brand consultant, to discuss her book Take the Leap. Sara offers valuable advice on how to avoid getting stuck in your current career and ways to evolve within your profession. Cara shares her personal journey of career evolution, highlighting the challenges and triumphs she encountered. Together, they delve into the identity crisis that often accompanies significant career changes, emphasizing the emotional and psychological aspects. Sara also provides practical guidance on assessing how much change is needed in one's career path and the importance of being intentional with setting and achieving goals. 

Sara Bliss is a bestselling author and brand consultant who partners with top founders and brands on positioning, marketing, and content. She has written 11 books, including Take the Leap: Change Your Career, Change Your Life and Hotel Chic at Home. Additionally, she co-authored Aspen Style with Aerin Lauder and three bestselling books with beauty expert Bobbi Brown.