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Lisette Hilton, president of Words Come Alive, has been a freelance health reporter for more than 25 years and loves her job.

Veteran patients need nurses who understand their struggles

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Nurses in all practice settings likely will have veteran patients — many of whom have special healthcare needs. The U.S. veteran population is more than 20 million strong, ranging in age from 18 to 80 and beyond. One of the most important questions nurses can ask patients is, “Have you ever served in the military?”

Disaster nursing key to emergency care during and after hurricanes

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Disaster nursing response teams go to areas where people have asked for help, where the infrastructure has been overwhelmed, the medical system has been overwhelmed or if the medical facility has been destroyed, said Kathi Harvey, DNP, FNP-BC, NHDP-BC, APRN, a certified National Healthcare Disaster Professional.