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Heather Stringer is a health and science freelance writer based in San Jose, Calif. She has 20 years of writing experience and her work has appeared in publications such as Scientific American, Discover, Proto, Cure, Women and the Monitor on Psychology.

Natural Disasters Plus a Pandemic Equal Perfect Storms

By | 2020-10-30T15:50:39-04:00 October 30th, 2020|

Heather Anderson, BSN, RN, Director of the Medical Surgical Unit at Adventist Health St. Helena in northern California, received an unexpected call soon after she arrived home from work on August 19. Heather Anderson, RN Anderson, a member of the facility’s disaster preparedness team, needed to return to the hospital immediately because winds

Nurses find new ways to combat opioid epidemic

By | 2019-12-11T16:00:52-05:00 December 11th, 2019|

As efforts to address the opioid epidemic have intensified in recent years, a nurse and her research team started noticing an unprecedented trend — an increasing number of people needed emergency services after receiving naloxone (Narcan), an opioid antagonist used for complete or partial reversal of opioid overdose.