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Eileen Williamson, MSN, RN

About Eileen Williamson, MSN, RN

Eileen Williamson, MSN, RN, continues to write and act as a consultant for Before joining the company in 1998, Eileen was employed by North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System in New York (now Northwell Health System) where she held a number of leadership positions in nursing and hospital administration, including chief nurse at two of their System hospitals. She holds a BSN and an MSN in nursing administration and is a graduate fellow of the Johnson & Johnson University of Pennsylvania Wharton School Nurse Executives program. A former board member and past president of the New Jersey League for Nursing, a constituent league of the National League for Nursing, Eileen currently is a member of the Adelphi University, College of Nursing and Public Health Advisory Board.

During coronavirus pandemic, nurses need leaders who advocate for them

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Since the first days of the coronavirus outbreak — which quickly became the coronavirus pandemic — news items and information have come in faster than we can digest them and take the needed actions. Whether you're a staff nurse or nurse leader, all of us are worried about what we’re hearing and what all of it means.

Year of the Nurse and Midwife is a call to action for nurse leaders

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2020 ushers in a watershed moment in nursing. It is one in which there will be much to celebrate and be proud of. The International Year of the Nurse and Midwife guarantees a year of extra recognition for the women and men who make up more than half of the healthcare professionals worldwide.

​Avoid social media pitfalls for nurses by maintaining professionalism online 

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You’ve worked too hard to become an RN and get to this point in your career. God forbid your career is jeopardized by your own social media post! Social media pitfalls for nurses do exist, and they can make you vulnerable to reprimands and disciplinary action by your employer and your state’s board of nursing.