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For 6+ years, over 14,000 healthcare professionals have taken the Focused CE Series to either gain more
knowledge in their specialty, or to prepare for an upcoming certification.

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Kimberly M

"I would have not even known where to start with regards to studying for an exam like this without this review course. I am a fairly good test taker but the field of informatics is so diverse, anyone considering this exam really needs to have a formula and breakdown of what to expect. This is a comprehensive course with materials to suit every type of learning. I highly recommend it to anyone!"

Michelle E

"This program provided a terrific overview that helped me identify my weaknesses for the exam. It was very well presented, and using this course and refreshing my memory on my weak areas allowed me to pass the exam the day after the course completed. I highly recommend to anyone who needs to review the content and prepare for the exam."

Kaila S

"There are a lot of great things I could say about the Medical Surgical Nursing Certification Review Focused CE Series. One, the program provided a clear, comprehensive and detailed review of the material. Two, the program presented material in a variety of ways (readings, videos, tests) appealing to different learning styles. And three, most importantly the program allowed you to complete the review at your own pace. Although there was an ultimate END DATE for the total program, within that time frame all resources were available to you whether or not you got to them the week that they were released."

Amy M

"I am 100% satisfied with the results because I passed my OCN Exam on the first try. Information is up-to-date and the webinars were key to my success."


With over 15 specialties to choose from, the Focused CE Series will help you succeed in improving patient care. Check out the different specialties to see what might work for you!

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