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A Day of Inspiration: Celebrating National Nurses Week 2024

Past Event

May 09, 2024

Hosted by + Capella University


Thank you to everyone who joined us live for our 2024 National Nurses Week Virtual Event - A Day of Inspiration. Couldn't make it live? No worries! Create an account or log in to your existing account to view the event recording. 

Inspire and Be Inspired

Step into the world of nursing as we showcase inspiring stories from everyday nurses. Hear firsthand accounts of challenges overcome, triumphs achieved, and the profound impact of compassionate care. These narratives will ignite your passion for nursing and remind you of the incredible difference you make in the lives of others every day.

Celebrate Your Journey

Take a moment to reflect and celebrate all your victories, both big and small, throughout the year. Whether it's acing an exam, receiving recognition for your hard work, or simply persevering through tough times, every achievement deserves recognition. Join us in honoring your resilience, dedication, and commitment to excellence in nursing.

Continue the Celebration

This is just the beginning! Uncover the various ways is celebrating nurses and their commitment to healthcare during National Nurses Week.