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Most Important Patient

October 17, 2024

Hosted by

Savannah, GA

Join and Amy Loughren in Savannah, GA on October 17th - 20th for the Most Important Patient Wellness Conference.

The Most Important Patient is YOU

“Most Important Patient,” established by Amy Loughren, also known as ‘The Good Nurse,’ and with support from Relias and, stands as the only conference devoted to enhancing the well-being of healthcare professionals and caregivers. “Most Important Patient” Conferences were born out of the need to address the insidious grip of cumulative trauma, burnout and caregiver fatigue. By prioritizing you, the caregiver, through an immersive emotional health and wellbeing symposium, MIP can transform healthcare through educational opportunities, community, self-advocacy, spiritual growth, and sustainability.

Creating Lasting Change

This conference is an overdue space where healthcare workers can truly recenter their own personal and professional needs in order to transform the state of healthcare into the reality our patients deserve. Through this conference, attendees can earn 16 CEU's towards their licensure and gain skills to improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual health. 

Diverse Conference Packages

Attendees have the flexibility to tailor their experience at the conference with various package options, ensuring suitability for their preferences. Early booking is encouraged to take advantage of discounted rates, and accommodation choices range from onsite lodging at the JW Marriott to nearby hotels located conveniently close to the event venue. Additionally, attendees can opt to pay upfront or in manageable installments, offering financial convenience for participation.