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Wear Your Woolies: Cold Weather Essentials

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Don't let the winter get you down. The number one way to keep your spirits up in the colder months is to stay warm. With the proper attire you can do just that. Here's your guide for the most essential woolies to keep you warm this winter. On top Wearing the right layers will be your best bet to battle the cold. You want an inner layer that helps keep you dry. Cotton isn't your best bet since it holds onto moisture. Think thin, easy-to-dry fabrics such as synthetic wicking fabrics, which draw moisture away rather than trapping it inside. Middle layers should provide some insulation and protection, while outer layers like down and synthetic down materials serve to keep you as insulated as possible. A shell layer can help protect from wind and the elements. On bottom A pair of thermal underwear or compression stockings underneath your scrub pants will keep the wind from ripping right through that thin fabric without adding bulk. An extra pair of socks might come in handy, too. Snow boots should be insulated and waterproof to keep your feet warm and dry. Boots that rise to below the knee are your best bet if you find yourself in deep snow. Make sure they have good traction. Warm accessories Don't let heat escape from the smaller, less obvious places. A scarf or buff not only keeps cold air from penetrating, but helps minimize heat loss. Waterproof gloves will keep your hands warm and dry while still allowing you to accomplish important tasks like cleaning snow from your windshield. In your car Don't take any chances when traveling in the cold. Since nurses are considered essential employees, most don't have the luxury of staying in during bad weather. So it's that much more important to keep your car packed with the right items. A blanket, an extra jacket, gloves and socks are a good start. You might also want to include hand warming packets. Other handy items include a small shovel, a quality snow brush, and sand or kitty litter to free you from an icy patch. For more tips about your winter commute, check out our safe winter commute infographic.

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What essential items help get you through the winter months?