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nurselookingatcellphone-scaled-e1690897514389.jpg recently announced its acquisition of HOLLIBLU, a social networking app for nurses, as a joint effort to expand and cultivate the nurse community. The app is known for its commitment to supporting, connecting, and engaging nurses. Through building community, the app has offered nurses a safe space to share, network, and grow. has long supported the nurse community, and shares the same vision of connecting nurses. Coming together is an opportunity to enhance the platform and provide a space where nurses can lift one another up and develop their skills all in one place.

Growing nurse support

[caption id="attachment_104807" align="alignright" width="300"] Cara Lunsford, RN[/caption] According to our 2022 Nurse Salary Research Report, 29% of nurses (across all licenses) are considering leaving the profession, compared to only 11% in our 2020 survey. This percentage can be attributed to different factors, including staffing concerns and nurse burnout. Nurses face emotional, physical, and mental challenges on a daily basis. With increasing recognition of burnout and moral injury in the field, nurses have expressed the need for more support. As they voiced their dissatisfaction with some aspects of the current work environment -- especially with challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic -- an opportunity surfaced to build a more connected community and improve nurses' overall experiences. Cara Lunsford, RN, Founder and CEO of HOLLIBLU and Vice President of Community at, discussed how important community is in nursing.

"Nurses need peer support, resources, and industry allies so they can feel empowered to be change agents within healthcare," she said. " is perfectly positioned to provide the support that nurses are seeking during these challenging times, and I'm proud to say that they've truly stepped up to the plate."

Encouragement and solidarity

The new app has been designed to address a critical need -- wholly supporting nurses. The app delivers community and career resources that empower nurses to organize their professional lives, while elevating their level of care and providing a platform for them to advocate for change within the industry. By infusing elements like emotional support and mentorship with's dedication to continuing education and career resources, this app encourages growth within nursing. A 2021 study of solidarity among nursing colleagues discussed the value nurses place in their peers' understanding, encouragement, and aid when working through difficult situations. In contrast, nurses in the study noted that an absence of sympathy among peers sometimes led to desires to leave their jobs. Nurses pointed to strong relationships with colleagues as a way to strengthen feelings of solidarity. The app provides opportunities for nurses to build this valuable solidarity by networking, sharing ideas, and cheering one another on to professional and personal growth. "With heightened awareness surrounding nurse burnout and its root causes, particularly nurses' mental health, there's a real opportunity to make a positive impact across the industry with our nurse-specific platform that encourages connection and community-building," said Amy King, Chief Marketing Officer at Relias, which powers

"Through the new app, we're excited to bring nurses a vibrant community featuring nurse experts, live chats, and a forum for peer support."

As takes this next step, we have a new goal in sight -- to empower nurses to come together on a deeper level. With this community, our hope is for you to find camaraderie, empathy, personal encouragement, professional growth, and more. So we invite you to join our community to share your experiences and connect with your peers. With an enhanced nurse network, Lunsford said that she is looking forward to the community's next steps. "Our team is incredibly grateful to for believing in and supporting our mission to build a vibrant community where nurses thrive." Interested in connecting with other nurses? Learn more about the community.