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Discover the Latest Approaches in Critical Care Nursing


From pain management and alarm fatigue to connecting with patient families, Critical Care Nursing Trends You Should Know, is a digital edition that provides you with essential tips and information on the specialty.

You won't want to miss this exclusive edition -- featuring articles on important topics, including moral distress -- an issue that can have major impacts on a nurse's health and career as he or she struggles to reconcile his or her own moral beliefs with that of patients' families. The issue provides results of the critical care nurse survey where nurses share what they like most about working in critical care, whether they would recommend the specialty to colleagues and more. Eilleen P. Williamson, RN, MSN also highlights what it takes to be a successful critical care nurse.

"Because critical care nurses are present during some of the most difficult patient care moments, they need to be knowledgeable about patients' rights, ethical issues and the end-of-life scenarios they will eventually be faced with," Williamson said. "The gravity of patients' conditions require nurses with nothing less than the right stuff."

Also featured in the issue is an interview with Christine Schulman, RN, president of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. In the interview, Schulman discusses future goals and changes in the specialty -- such as technological advances -- and how they impact nurses. "The demand for knowledgeable and passionate nurses is growing," Schulman said in her interview. "And there is an enormous need to educate the next generation of healthcare providers by serving as faculty members at colleges and universities." Another crucial and timely topic is pain management and how to treat patients in the midst of an opioid crisis and addiction concerns.

Continue your critical care nursing education

Nurses also can check out the continuing education catalog and discover the latest courses on critical care nursing. The edition also provides imperative knowledge on pressure ulcers and chronic wounds and outlines the newest advances for treating different patients, including children. Finally, nurses can read safety tips on caring for overweight patients by Karen Schmidt, RN, try a free CE course on coagulation and learn about the legal issues that may arise while caring for critically ill patients by Nancy Brent, MS, JD, RN, our popular legal blogger.

Read Critical Care Nursing Trends You Should Know today to learn about this far-reaching specialty!

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