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Several new apps are hitting the market to relieve some pressure for nurses. Whether it’s an app to help nursing students study for the NCLEX or a community app to foster relationships between nurses nationwide, here are some of the best apps for nurses.

1. The App

Cost: Free’s app is the first of its kind — the only social networking app exclusively for nurses. It has quickly become one of the largest online communities built by nurses, for nurses.

What does the app offer?

  • Community: Connect with your peers, organize your professional life, restore your passion for nursing, and empower yourself to thrive.
  • Resources: Discover professional development resources to advance your nursing career through our job matching platform, mentorship opportunities, and industry trends and reports.
  • Education: Grow with — the leading provider of the convenient CE courses you need and the certification prep you want to help you take the next step in your career.

2. Picmonic Nursing (NCLEX prep)

Cost: Subscription required

The Picmonic app offers engaging test prep for several topics such as ATI, HESI, or NCLEX (including the Next Generation NCLEX). The app provides a community of students, professionals, and scholars who deliver helpful advice, tips, and free resources. The app has helped nearly a million healthcare students remember more in less time.

What does this app offer?

  • The app guarantees your money back if you do not pass the NCLEX within one year of the subscription date.
  • Differentiated styles (such as videos, infographics, and webinars) of teaching are proven to increase long term memory retention.
  • The Picmonic learning system is research-proven to increase retention 331% so you can remember more in less time.

3. SimpleNursing (NCLEX)

Cost: Subscription required

Next on the list is the SimpleNursing app — a highly trusted among nursing professionals as an effective study plan for the NCLEX-RN. This platform offers several different resources to provide engaging study plans. With 39,000 failing the NCLEX is the past year, SimpleNursing pledges to lower that number with its structured study material.

What does this app offer?

  • 3,000 NCLEX questions with in-depth written and video rationales
  • Adaptive assessment exam that emulates the real NCLEX
  • 1,200+ fun and animated videos with test tips and memory tricks
  • 900+ study guides with need-to-know test info
  • NCLEX Review lecture series with Nurse Mike
  • Personalized Study Plan to ensure NCLEX success

4. Nursa App

Cost: Free to sign up and post shift, only pay for completed shifts. No hire away fees.

Nursa is doing its part to fight the nursing shortage crisis. It’s a healthcare staffing platform that improves patient care by connecting nurses seeking flexible work with facilities in need of help. The app allows nurses to upload their credentials, post shifts, pick up shifts, and connect them to help healthcare facilities that need assistance.

What does this app offer?

  • Facilities who use Nursa fill three times as many open per diem shifts, on average, compared to trying to fill the shifts themselves.
  • RNs can make up to $650 per shift, LPNs can make up to $500 a shift, and CNAs up to $250 per shift.
  • Nurses can get their shifts filled in as little as 15 minutes.

5. Adni (Gear and Resources for Nurses)

Cost: Free

Adni is a groundbreaking marketplace founded by nurses and other healthcare professionals to help others find, share, and buy the gear and resources they need to succeed in their field. Whether you’re using the marketplace to buy or sell products, Adni focuses on providing a platform that forges connections between healthcare professionals nationwide.

What does this app offer?

  • Unifying the clinical tools, resources, and brands you love, all while bringing you the best rewards and benefits
  • Helpful digital resources and products for busy healthcare pros
  • Multiple brands you love in one place for easy shopping. Additionally, you’ll earn reward points every time you shop, which you can use to save on future purchases.

6. Epocrates

Cost: Free

Noted as the #1 medical reference app, Epocrates helps save time when prescribing medication. The app offers adult and pediatric dosing, adverse reactions, contraindications, and pregnancy and lactation considerations.

What does this app offer?

  • Check drug-drug interactions.
  • Access 600+ calculators, tools, and risk scores.
  • Identify a mystery pill by shape, color, imprint.

7. My Shift Planner

Cost: Free

Developed for those doing shiftwork, this app extends beyond the healthcare industry but is a noted favorite for nurses. MyShiftPlanner is designed for anyone who’s ever felt the stress and strain of working random hours and days.

What does this app offer?

  • See your real-time updated schedule and stay aware of any shift changes.
  • Get updates sent straight to your phone.
  • See when your colleagues are working.
  • Alleviate managerial payroll issues.

8. MediBabble Translator

Cost: Free

As a medical translation tool, this app was designed to improve the safety, efficiency, and overall quality of care for non-English speaking patients.

What does this app offer?

  • Ability to communicate with patients across multiple languages
  • Thousands of translated questions and instructions available as high-quality audio recordings
  • Useful for admissions, initial assessments, physical examinations, and routine follow-up questioning

9. MedScape

Cost: Free

Developed for healthcare professionals, this app aims to provide immediate clinical answers. Free access is available for the latest clinical news, expert commentary, clinical tools, and drugs and disease information.

 What does this app offer?

  • Current prescribing and safety information for 9,200+ prescription and OTC drugs, herbals, and supplements
  • Information on the latest FDA approvals, conference news, and late-breaking clinical trial data
  • Step-by-step procedural videos

10. Pedi STAT

Cost: Subscription required

As a rapid reference for healthcare professionals, this app aims to make care safer for pediatric patients in the emergency or critical care environment. Users can quickly access critical information accurately, without relying on memory or tedious research.

What does this app offer?

  • Rapid results for airway interventions
  • Access to age and weight specific pediatric equipment
  • Seizure medication dosages
  • Reference of age specific normal vital signs

11. Nursing Central

Cost: Subscription required

While on the more expensive side of the best apps for nurses, Nursing Central includes five nursing resource apps. The subscription includes access to Davis’s Drug Guide, Taber’s Medical Dictionary, Davis’s Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests, Diseases and Disorders, and Prime PubMed.

What does this app offer?

  • Davis’s Drug Guide includes 5,000+ generic and trade name drugs.
  • Taber’s Medical Dictionary features more than 65,000 entries.
  • Davis’s Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests provides explanations of the most common diagnostic tests.
  • Diseases and Disorders is complete with coverage of more than 250 medical conditions.

Benefits of best apps for nurses

Nurses have an immense amount of responsibility, multiple roles to play, and they dedicate endless hours increasing their knowledge to better serve their patients. Such a demanding profession requires nurses to have the resources they need to aid them in their pursuit of being the best they can be.

Not only do nurses need educational apps to further their careers, they also need a place where they can feel a sense of community.

How have you found that apps benefit your nursing career? Comment below and talk to your fellow nurses about this topic. Download the social networking app today.

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