New blog series explores nursing conflict resolution skills

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American Sentinel University’s healthcare blog features a new series: “Conflict in the Workplace: Bullying.” Launched Sept. 24, the series profiles the roots of conflict in nursing and the best ways to effectively manage conflict resolution in the workplace and achieve positive outcomes, according to a news release.

The mistreatment of nursing colleagues, and especially new nurses, is in direct opposition to the foundation of nursing, according to the release.

Nursing is based on collaborative relationships between nurses and other healthcare professionals. The way nurses maintain relationships and resolve conflicts are two of the most important skills in nursing today.

“While we like to think that nurse bullying isn’t happening, it is a major issue, both in nurse satisfaction and patient safety,” Elaine Foster, PhD, MSN, RN, associate dean of American Sentinel’s graduate nursing programs, said in the release. “Advanced education and good leadership skills help prevent this behavior in hospitals and healthcare organizations,” she added. “Nurse leadership training emphasizes the importance of collaboration and the crucial role that each member of a team plays in making a difference in the lives of patients.”

Blog topics

The blog series covers such topics as:
• Understanding the source of bullying;
• Strategies for managing intergenerational conflict;
• Strategies for managing interdisciplinary conflict;
• How nurse leaders can effectively manage difficult situations
• The role education plays in conflict resolution.

As healthcare organizations continue to move toward team-managed environments, nurses no longer serve on nursing units in subordinate roles. Nurses are finding themselves in new roles as part of a multidisciplinary team improving the overall delivery of care.

“Working to promote a positive work environment and a culture of collaboration and safety illustrates the true professionalism and leadership of our nurses,” Foster said in the release. “It’s our goal as nurses to focus opinions and behaviors toward our mission, putting the patient first at all costs.”


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