What options do I have after being falsely accused of, and tricked into making a false confession about diversion of narcotics where I work?

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Dear Nancy,

I am being falsely accused of diversion of narcotics. Should I get a lawyer? I also was tricked into a false confession, and I am absolutely terrified. What options, if any, do I have now that I made a false confession?


Dear Nancy replies:

Dear Lois,

The situation you describe in your question is very serious, and it is important you retain a nurse attorney or other attorney to represent you in this matter. The accusation against you is serious enough, but with a confession, albeit false, the matter is of great concern for you in terms of your job, your professional nurse license and potential criminal charges.

Your attorney can advise you about how best to handle this entire matter, including the false confession. You will need to be honest with your attorney and be certain to tell him or her all the details surrounding the confession, including who was present when you confessed, what pressures were placed upon you to confess, what documents were shown to you surrounding the diversion and when the confession occurred.

You also should share with your attorney any possible information that may help in your defense, including any witnesses who might have knowledge of who did divert the narcotics, any drug screens that were done and the policy in the institution concerning chemical use and diversion. Your history of any chemical use or diversion, if it exists, also should be shared with your attorney so he or she is not blindsided should this be an issue.



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