Is it legal to start my own wellness/coaching business under my RN license?

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Dear Donna,

Your information is priceless. I have been reading your articles this morning. I am interested in practicing as a holistic health RN. I joined the American Holistic Nurse Association, and I am currently taking an online course in nutrition. I am also looking into massage therapy school to obtain a license to practice reflexology. I am currently a dialysis RN (associates degree) with 15 years experience. My question is: Is it legal to start my own wellness/coaching business under my RN license? I have written to the Florida State Board of Nursing with no answer. I realize this is a gray area since it is so new. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. By the way, I am looking at attending your course for business startup. Thank you!


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Carolyn,

It sounds like you are on a roll! Anyone can call themselves a “coach” and the coaching concept is very popular right now and much needed – especially wellness coaching. This is a great opportunity for nurses and another way to make a positive difference.

I always recommend that nurses, when embarking on any type of health and wellness business, consult a nurse attorney beforehand. A nurse attorney is uniquely qualified to interpret the law and your nurse practice act. This individual can help you draft contracts, release forms, and discuss issues related to liability and scope of practice. Find a nurse attorney by asking around, by referral through your state nurses association (whether or not you are a member) or through The American Association of nurse Attorneys,

You may also want to connect with the International Coach Federation,

I hope to see you at a future How to Start Your Own Business or Consulting Practice seminar. I’ll be in Las Vegas this fall with that program and in several other locations in 2011

Best wishes, Donna


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