Opinion: Historic Herizons

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Although so much of what we’ve been reading and hearing in the news lately has been about the economic downturn and job losses, there is a positive piece of employment news that’s not getting covered, one that we should be “singing from the rooftops.” Nursing – a career choice that can be found at the top of any current “hot jobs” list – continues to attract both young college-bound students and second-career job seekers, and we applaud the many colleges and universities that are graduating them in growing numbers. We congratulate and welcome these new nurses to our profession, but at the same time, we recognize that we need even more of them. So let’s tell friends, relatives, or neighbors, who may be expressing an interest in nursing, that they should pursue that interest – and give them a few good reasons why:

• Nursing is rewarding. How many professions can say that? And in how many are the rewards not only professional, but intellectual, emotional, social, and financial as well?

• Nursing is respected. In poll after poll, survey after survey, the public trust in nursing is something that remains at the highest levels among the professions.

• Nursing is equal opportunity. Regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, economic background, or social strata, there is room for everyone in nursing’s myriad specialties, sub-specialties, work settings, and practice areas.

• Nursing is 24-7.Nurses can work day or night, weekday or weekend, short or long shifts, any time on the clock, any day on the calendar, to accommodate family, child care, and work/life quality issues.

• Nursing knows no geography. East, west, north, south, and everywhere in between – wherever life’s circumstances may lead – national practice standards and reciprocal licensure allow nurses to practice just about anywhere.

• Nursing can last a lifetime. Unlike so many other professions, nurses don’t become “disposable,” and although their roles may need to change as they age, there will always be one for them as long as they choose to contribute and care.

• Nursing is proud. It would be hard to think of a response to that often-asked “What do you do?” question that could make anyone feel more professional pride than to be able to say “I’m a nurse!”

So let’s agree to get out there and tell everyone that job security, satisfaction, opportunity, and reward are alive and well in nursing! Let’s tell them that now is just about the best time in history to be a nurse, that the future is brighter than ever, and that male or female, nurses will continue to be needed “at the heart” of our nation’s health care. Let’s tell them that we see some pretty wonderful historic herizons up ahead, and that we’ll be there to help them on their journeys.


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