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10 Side Hustles for Nurses


As cost-of-living increases throughout the country, more and more professionals in every industry are looking for "side hustles" to support their families. One of the most complimentary careers to a side hustle is nursing. Side hustles are conducive with nursing because nurses have a broad skillset and can take advantage of flexible scheduling opportunities. Let's look at the top 10 side hustles for nurses. 1. Telehealth nursing The national nurse shortage and the lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the way the world views online health care. Telehealth has become a standard, and there is now a pressing need for virtual nurses. Several healthcare facilities are embracing virtual nursing to increase nurse retention rates. For example, AdventHealth in Altamonte Springs, Florida is piloting virtual nursing at five of its hospitals and the 37-bed emergency department at Fish Memorial hospital in Orange City, Florida. Telehealth nursing is less physically demanding than bedside nursing, thereby decreasing the workload of bedside nurses. It also allows nurses to work from home with more flexible hours. 2. Teaching and tutoring According to National League for Nursing, the dropout rate for nursing school is approximately 20%. Nursing programs are notoriously challenging and require countless hours of studying. As a side hustle, nurses are offering their empirical knowledge and skillsets to tutor nursing students. This not only benefits the students but the nursing workforce at large. With the baby boomer generation reaching the age of retirement, nursing shortages have increased drastically. Educating and mentoring young nursing students helps reduce the nursing shortage. 3. Health and nurse coaching Nurse coaching has proven to be a positive outlet that many nurses have found to combat their feelings of burnout. The American Holistic Nurses Association defines nurse coaching as a results-oriented, structured interaction with patients to help them meet their goals. Increases in health literacy rates in communities brings awareness to the importance of making health-conscious lifestyle choices. This is equally beneficial to the nurse coach as it is to the patient. This avenue of nursing allows for more autonomy, less stress, and the ability to build relationships with patients. It is a great side hustle for the nurse who enjoys having a lower patient-to-nurse ratio. 4. Medical coding and billing Nurses understand the importance of accurate records which make them great candidates for medical coding for billing roles. The widespread shortages in the healthcare industry in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic extends to medical coders. This side hustle is beneficial for those nurses looking for less physically demanding work and potential work from home roles. 5. Home health care Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients are hesitant to visit the hospital to receive care -- especially those who are immune compromised. The trend of in-home health care is on the rise and has created a new demand for nurses and caregivers in this setting. Home health care is extremely beneficial for the patient because they can recover in the comfort of their own home rather than being confined to a hospital room. Home healthcare nurses can make more of a personal connection and direct their full attention to their patients. This is an ideal side hustle for the nurse who is looking to avoid the stress induced in traditional hospital settings. 6. Medical consulting This involves healthcare companies and providers referring to experienced medical professionals to advise them on patient care strategies, review medical documents, and offer general expertise. This is typically a remote job, so it makes for a great side hustle that's not physically demanding and offers flexible hours. It also allows for nurses to have more agency and involvement in the healthcare system at large by influencing care on a larger scale. Their first-hand experience allows healthcare providers to better accommodate both patients and other healthcare professionals. 7. Clinical device educator Nurses who are experienced in using medical devices may consider transitioning into the field of clinical device education. This side hustle allows for nurses to educate fellow healthcare professionals who are learning to use a new assessment device and nursing students during clinicals. This side hustle is especially gratifying for nurses who enjoy and hands-on teaching and working with others. Having frontline nurses in education roles also ensures that the future generation of nurses is better equipped to deal with the realities of the nursing profession and are educated in the latest technologies/devices. 8. Medical writing Nurses who enjoy writing and sharing their first-hand experiences may consider freelance writing opportunities as a side hustle. Many online resources for nurses value the experience and knowledge of real nurses. When nurses share their concerns and solutions with the masses, it makes a difference in the lives of nurses and their quality of life. Freelance writers typically receive payment based on wordcount, making this is a great way to earn extra income without leaving the comfort of home. 9. Lactation consultant Another in-demand side hustle is lactation consulting with new mothers. Many first-time mothers struggle with breastfeeding obstacles and need additional support feeding their child naturally. This is a great side hustle for nurses with labor and delivery unit experience. This in-home opportunity is another great way for nurses to escape the stressful hospital setting as well. 10. Online educators and nurse influencers Many nurses have taken to social media to spread awareness about medical challenges, illnesses, and preventative health measures. As a side hustle, creating a YouTube channel to educate nursing students and the general public can be very beneficial and sometimes lucrative. This is appealing to many nurses because they don't have to leave their home and have the freedom to share their knowledge in their own style. Influencing can also open doors and new opportunities when content reaches a wide audience. To talk about other nursing side hustles and topics with a community of nurses, download the social networking app.