Insider tips: Make your nursing school application pop

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The nursing school application process is a competitive one. According to data collected by the National League for Nursing, only 41% of BSN applicants were accepted in 2012. Of those not accepted, 23% were qualified, but still didn’t make the cut. Why so tough?

5 awesome reads for the new grad nurse

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The new graduate nurse cannot get enough friends, counselors or teachers. These five reads make a great addition to a beginner nurse's library. They'll inspire, reassure and prepare the new nurse for the exciting and nerve-wracking year ahead, with all its twists and turns.

New grads: You can do it!

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You made it! You survived nursing school, passed the NCLEX and landed your first job. All should be well, right? Maybe not. Like most new grads, you probably feel scared, overwhelmed and unprepared for the challenges ahead. Once you’re out of school and hit with the reality of your chosen profession, you can feel overwhelmed,