What does it take to become a successful nurse entrepreneur?

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What does it take to become a successful nurse entrepreneur? That’s the question we posed to four exceptional nurses who have successfully made the leap and created a livelihood by combing their nursing passions with their own businesses. Consider this your first class in Nursepreneur School.

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Toni Scott, RN

Toni Scott, RN, BSN, founder of Yogatones

Becoming a nurse entrepreneur was the easy part; I woke up one morning and said, “I’m going to be a nurse entrepreneur.” It’s what follows those words that leads to your success. The first lesson I learned is, don’t expect things to happen as you planned. In order to be a successful nurse entrepreneur stay passionate and focused on your dream, listen more, talk less and learn as much as you can.

Don’t second-guess yourself, if you have to continuously ask yourself if you made the right deci

sion to become a nurse entrepreneur, then you’re not ready. Confidence is a must, because everyone is not going to be as excited about your dream as you, and things are not going to happen overnight, don’t let that make you second guess yourself. Honesty, passion, patience and respect for yourself and others are thing you need to be a successful entrepreneur! Check out our previous Q&A with Toni Scott>>

Susan Scherer, RN

Susan Scherer, RN, BSN, OCN, founder of RN Cancer Guides

What does it take to be a successful nurse entrepreneur? Persistence! Failure is not an option. Stick to what you have a passion for and the experience to back it up.

Be prepared for the highs and the lows and find ways to get rid of the stress. Keep your priorities in focus. Surround yourself by supportive and positive people. Make sure you have secured the finances and talked to accountant.

For example, it is possible to access your 401 and not have the tax liability if you are investing in your own company. Find an excellent attorney and accountant to protect your assets. Most of all, it is important to be able to take constructive criticism and pivot your business plan when needed.

Keith Carlson, RN

Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC, Nurse Coach, Writer and Voice on RN.FM Radio

To be a successful nurse entrepreneur, you first need to decide on the course you wish to plot. What services would you like to offer? Is there a market for those services? If so, who else is offering something similar? With whom can you collaborate?

In terms of hard business skills, you must seek the guidance and information you need to formulate a business plan and create your business venture in a guise that works right for you and your specific needs. Ask for help and advice from those who know more than you!

As a new entrepreneur, it’s also important to assess your level of risk aversion. Are you willing to quit your job and throw everything into your new endeavor? Or perhaps you’re the type of person (like me!) who’d rather continue working a regular job — either part time or full time — and slowly grow your business over time. Either approach has its benefits and detracting elements, and it’s up to you to make an informed decision vis-a-vis your particular comfort level.

Finally, make sure you choose an entrepreneurial venture that will be fun, exciting and interesting for you. Going into business should make you happy, enriching your life on a variety of levels! Check out our previous Q&A with Keith Carlson>>

Joyce Harrell, RN

Joyce Harrell, RN, OCN, Wholistic Wellness Coach

To be a successful nurse entrepreneur takes time, patience and consistency. Finding your niche and passion is No. 1. I have a dear friend who is a successful nurse blogger who is a nursing IT specialist. This subject doesn’t excite me at all, but is her passion. It shows in her blogging and in the way she conducts her business. I love wellness coaching and aromatherapy. I wouldn’t be authentic as an IT blogger.

No. 2: Realize that being an entrepreneur is running a business. As nurses we tend to be nurturers and healers. The down side to this is in business, we tend to want to give everything away. So, invest in some good business and financial coaching and education.

No. 3: Network with other nurse entrepreneurs. There are several groups in social media where nurse entrepreneurs gather. So, locate them, and reach out. Learn from them, especially those who may have similar business interests as yourself.

No 4: You most likely will need to keep your nursing position while building a business. Find a position that you love while you are growing your business. It takes time to grow a business and you need to make sure you are not having your energy zapped. You need to make sure you are balancing work/play/self/family time.

YOUR TURN: Any other nurse entrepreneurs out there? What do you think it takes to succeed?


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