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Nurses Inspire Nurses founder, Cat Golden, BSN, RN, was working as a pediatric nurse for seven years and knew firsthand what it was like to feel exhausted and isolated. She knew she was not alone and that many of her coworkers felt the exact same way. This is why Nurses Inspire Nurses exists; to support nurses as humans first, and nurses second. Over the past five years, Cat and the Nurses Inspire Nurses team have helped tens of thousands of nurses go from feeling tired and alone to excited, appreciated and supported through community, merch, events and an endless amount of fun! 

"Nursing has given me so much freedom and flexibility in my life. It's so rare to find a profession where you can do so many different things and have so many unique experiences."

- Cat Golden

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"It's really important to me that [Nurses Inspire Nurses] partners with companies that share the value of supporting nurses as humans first and nurses second. I really appreciate that the team cares so much about the nursing community and are willing to invest their time, money, energy and resources to help nurses! I also wanted a CE partner and I love that has so many amazing CE offerings and helps you figure out very easily what you need for your state." - Cat Golden

Cat Golden x

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Human First, Nurse Second

"Take care of yourself and don't be afraid to make a change. As nurses we are givers and helpers and I often find we're last on our own to-do list. We have to put ourselves first and meet our own needs, even if our work or home environment doesn't support it. Make nursing work for you, don't be a slave to nursing. There are SO many different options within the field and if you're burnt out it's time to try something new!" - Cat Golden

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Together, and Cat Golden C.A.R.E About Nurses


Explore the exclusive social networking app built by nurses, for nurses. Connect with your peers, organize your professional life, restore your passion for nursing, and feel empowered to thrive.


We serve as allies to support your career journey with our award programs and strategic partnerships that promote a safe, sustainable, and supportive healthcare culture.


Discover professional development resources you can use to advance your nursing career through our job matching platform, mentorship opportunities, and relevant industry trends and reports.


Grow with — the leading provider of the convenient CE courses you need and the certification prep you want to help you take the next step in your career.

What Other Nurses Are Saying About

"I am currently an OB nurse who stumbled upon the online CE direct course when searching for CE’s. Even though I had taken and passed the NCC exam, I signed up and discovered the online learning to be very helpful. It solidified what I had just studied. I found it to be an excellent tool to help me remember explanations of the physiologic process, which was something I struggled to absorb on my own. Thank you for your helpful hints!”

                       - Suzanne B. BSN, RN-C-OB-EFM

"The Adult CCRN/PCCN Certification Review Focused CE Series was exactly what I needed. I wanted something that was flexible but also could provide the content that I needed in order to pass the exam. I enjoyed the entire set up of weekly videos, as well as the self study lectures. After the course was completed I took my exam and passed on the first try."

                          - Megan C. BSN, RN, CCRN

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