RN ICU - Travel Nurse

Falls Church, VA
Sep 16, 2020
Sep 17, 2020
Contract Type
Full Time
We're looking for Intensive Care Unit RNs for an immediate travel nurse opening in Falls Church, VA. The right nurse should have 1-2 years recent acute care experience. Read below for more requirements.

As an ICU Travel Nurse, you'll be responsible for evaluating and monitoring patients in an Intensive Care Unit setting. ICU RNs provide the most direct care to patients in life-threatening situations, documenting and providing physician-directed care, assessing and implementing patient care plans, and delegating to other care providers as appropriate. As an ICU RN you will also be providing education and support to patient families, possibly for long-term care needs.

As an ICU Travel Nurse, you should be prepared to perform the following tasks:
  • Provide basic bedside care.
  • Prepare, administer and record prescribed medication, reporting any adverse reactions to treatment.
  • Order and evaluate diagnostic tests.
  • Take samples for lab work, order corresponding lab work and interpret reports.
  • Monitor and adjust specialized equipment, and interpret and record electronic displays.
  • Ensure proper placement and functioning of catheters, leads and tubing.
  • Communicate patients' conditions to family members.

ICU Travel Nurses should be able to stand and walk for long periods of time, as well as bend, lean and stoop without difficulty. RNs should be able to easily lift 20 pounds. Moving or lifting of patients may require lifting of up to 50 pounds at times. RNs may face hazards from exposure to certain chemicals or infectious diseases and will treat patients that may be confused, agitated, and/or uncooperative.

48hr guarantee option!**Certs- BLS, ACLS, NIHSS (CCRN, SCRN or CNRN preferred)2 years experienceCommon diagnosis / Types of patients CVA (ischemic and hemorrghagic), aneurysm, brain tumors, seizures (level 4 epilepsy center); 24-48 hr EEG studies; overflow for trauma, TBI usuallly go to TICU, must be comfortable w/ neurosurgeries. TPA patients are 1:2.Additional Notes Very difficult patient population with neuro injuries must be very patient and family focused and be aware of the neurologic impacts of tumors, CVAs etc. Willing to learn and grow in tihe neuroscience areas. They use LiquoGuard (active pump). They will assign by acuityWeekend requirement- 5 weekend shifts in 6 week schedule periodHolidays- Every Other HolidayFloat- may have to float to Neuro IMC unitbeds- 18, Ratios- 1:2 (can flex up or down based on acuity)EMR- Epic, Scrubs- Navy Blue Pants and Solid Navy-Blue tops or Solid white (Jackets Solid Navy Blue or Solid white)Floor Orientation- 2 shifts (more if needed

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