Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), SNF

Country Villa Pavillion Nursing Center
Los Angeles, CA, US
Nov 19, 2018
Dec 20, 2018
Support Staffing
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A nursing assistant responsible for providing routine nursing care in accordance with established policies and
procedures and as may be directed by the Charge Nurse, RN Supervisor, Director of Nurses or
Administrator, to assure that the highest degree of quality resident care can be maintained at all times.

Currently enrolled in a school for nursing assistants or have a license as a certified nursing assistant.
A minimum of 6 months experience as a certified nursing assistant or clinical experience while enrolled
in a nursing assistant certification class.

Must possess a sincere desire to serve the ill, aged and infirm.
Ability to read, write and speak the English language.
Possess the ability to deal tactfully with personnel, residents, family members, visitors, and the general
Willingness to work harmoniously with other personnel.
Must have patience, tact, cheerful disposition and enthusiasm, as well as be willing to handle residents
based on whatever maturity level they are currently functioning.
Must be in good general health and demonstrate emotional stability.
Must be able to relate to and work with ill, disabled, elderly, emotionally upset, and, at times, hostile
people within the facility.

Perform all duties as assigned and in accordance with facilitys established policies and procedures,
nursing care procedures and safety rules and regulations.
Make resident rounds at the beginning of each shift and every two hours thereafter to administer quality
nursing care.
Verify the identification of a resident before administering nursing care or serving food, to assure that
appropriate care is being provided to the correct resident. Report missing ID bands to admission
coordinator immediately.
Make beds, clean bedside and overbed tables.
Serve drinking water as required. Assure that water pitchers are cleaned, filled with fresh drinking water
and within the residents reach. Pass water pitcher as per established policy and procedure.
Dress residents neatly and in their own clothing. Assist residents in dressing as necessary.
Assist in preparing residents for meals (taking to/from dining room, serving trays, placing bibs, assisting
in feeding or cutting food, removal of trays, supervision in dining room, etc.).
Serve nourishment in accordance with established facility procedures.
Feed residents who cannot feed themselves.
Assure that residents food is accessible and self-help devices are available as needed.
Prepare residents for therapy, activities, physician visits, religious services, etc., to include transporting
residents to/from such activities.
Keep incontinent residents clean and dry as possible at all times. Change bed linens, diapers and
clothing as often as necessary.
Do not permit residents to smoke in bed.
Assure that the nurses call system is attached to the bed and within easy reach at all times when
residents are bedfast.
Answer residents call lights promptly.
Check for food in residents room. Ensure that food is kept in a sealed container.
Report all complaints to the Charge Nurse.
Report any resident abuse immediately (ie., harsh/abusive language, unnecessary roughness, etc.)
Report any medication found in the residents room. Take to the Charge Nurse immediately.
Report all hazardous conditions and faulty equipment to the Charge Nurse immediately.
Report any bruise, skin tears, incidents or accidents to the Charge Nurse immediately.
Attend in-service educational programs, on the job training programs and meetings as directed.
Other related duties as may become necessary or as directed by the Charge Nurse, RN Supervisor,
Director of Nurses, or Administrator.

Wash hands before and after caring for each resident.
Place residents in correct and comfortable position. Head of bed elevated at 30 for all residents on
enteral feeding.
Assist residents with dental and mouth care. Clean dentures after each meal. Keep dentures clean and
soaked with Efferdent after dinner.
Record residents food and nourishment intake as directed.
Perform after meal care as required cleaning residents hands, face, clothing, dentures, etc.
Assist residents to/from bathroom. Offer bedfast residents bedpans and urinals. Clean and store such
equipment after each use (document Intake and Output as directed).
Check and document bowel movements and character of stools every shift.
Bathe residents as assigned and in accordance with established facility procedures (encourage showers
and other self-help measures/activities).
Comb and brush residents hair daily. Shampoo hair on shower days.
Clip and trim fingernails.
Shave male residents daily or as needed.
Keep hair under arms and face on female residents clean-shaven as necessary or instructed. Trim hair in
nose and ears as needed.
Observe and report the presence of reddened areas on bony prominences.
Keep drainage bag off the floor when resident is in bed or in wheelchair.
Apply Vaseline or A & D ointment to dry skin in accordance with established policies.
Observe disoriented and comatose residents and notify Charge Nurse immediately.
Apply postural support properly. Check with Charge Nurse for type of restraint to be used.
Apply hand roll or splint to residents with contractures as outlined within the facilitys established
policies and procedures.
Follow infection control procedures in accordance with established facility policy when isolation
techniques are necessary.
Chart required information every shift.
Complete Intake and Output documentation on all residents with orders before the end of each shift.
Other related duties as may become necessary or as directed by the Charge Nurse, RN Supervisor,
Director of Nurses, or Administrator.

Presents professional image to consumers through dress, behavior and speech.
Adheres to Company Standards for resolving consumer concerns.
Ensures that all consumer/resident rights are protected.

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