Nurse Navigator Oncology

San Antonio, Texas
Competitive Salary
Feb 02, 2018
Mar 27, 2018
Med / Surg
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Summary of Key Responsibilities:
The Adult Oncology Nurse Navigator functions as a member of the multidisciplinary team and serves as an advocate and educator for cancer patients, from diagnosis through end of active treatment.  The Adult Oncology Nurse Navigators primary function is to ensure the patient remains compliant to the treatment plan.  Navigators achieve this goal by building relationships with patients and physicians, coordinating the plan of care, assisting with appointments, transportation needs, education, resource provision and/or representation within the multidisciplinary care environment.  The Navigator also assumes responsibility and accountability for the management of resources to achieve efficient, high-quality outcomes for cancer patients, including support with interdisciplinary and cross-facililty coverage and collaboration. The Navigator will serve as a liaison between the patient and family, all physicians involved in that patients care, internal and external healthcare providers, support network members, and the wider healthcare community.  This role will require collaboration with local physician liaisons and leadership to conduct internal and external outreach and marketing.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Duties include but are not limited to: ·         Serve as patient advocate from diagnosis to end of active treatment o   After notification via physician and/or NavQue software, initiate contact with patient at time of diagnosis to introduce navigation program and Navigator role o   Be assessable to patients and family members throughout the cancer care continuum, and be responsive, knowledgeable, and empathetic regarding all care needs o   Respond to patient challenges/barriers to care until resolution is achieved ·         Assess patients medical, social, psychosocial, and other care needs o   On an individual basis, use appropriate tools to identify patient needs and barriers to care and provide access to potential resolutions o   Identify health disparities and assist in removal of these disparities ·         Provide appropriate teaching, outreach, and support to patients and families.  Ensure the patient is empowered to manage his/her own healthcare needs o   Provide clarification on the healthcare system throughout the care pathway o   Support providers to assist patients in understanding their diagnosis, treatment options, and the resources available, including education, clinical research studies, and technologic advances o   Provide education/connection to resources on subjects that fall beyond the scope of individual modalities (access to supportive care, financial support, return to work) ·         Streamline processes for patients by assisting with appointment scheduling and paperwork preparation o   Ensure the organization of appointments and explain the sequence of treatments o   Ensure smooth transitions between care modalities, facilities, and providers.  Introduce patients to appropriate caregivers, as needed. o   Facilitate patient movement through the appropriate clinical pathway and collaborate with physicians to ensure patient compliance ·         Coach and assist patients to remove barriers related to insurance coverage, transportation, child care, finances, language, etc. so they can focus on their treatment plan, not these barriers ·         Connect patients to hospital and community resources ·         Conduct follow-up conversations with all patients and communicate any concerns, changes, or social needs to the appropriate physician or other care provider ·         Attend MultiDisciplinary Meetings (MDM)  and/or other meetings, as necessary o   Ensure appropriate patient data is available and patients are appropriately assessed and documented upon, including identification of appropriate clinical research study options o   Serve as patient advocate and multidisciplinary team member at these meetings ·         Document throughout patient care continuum in iNavigate database o   Collaborate with cancer registrars, physicians, and other team members to ensure data collection is timely and accurate ·         Drive process improvement o   Collaborate with Director of Navigation Operations to determine successes and opportunities related to monthly navigation scorecard report.  o   Make appropriate recommendations for changes to the current program, both locally and at a corporate level, and assist in delivering program improvement ·         Conduct outreach to referrers, providers and other medical professionals as well as to the corporate ‘customer community [optional by market

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