RN/NP CCU/ICU Experienced Nurse (private duty/single)—$150K + benefits--New England/Florida.
Oct 28, 2017
Nov 28, 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

RN/NP CCU/ICU Experienced Nurse (private duty/single)—$150K + benefits--New England/Florida.

Affluent family of Brigham & Women’s Hospital-based patient (see seeks Charge Duty Nurse for private duty care and team management. 

We provide 24x7 coverage with 2-person teams (1 RN, 1 LPN/CNA) and are looking for a Charge Nurse to follow patient to his 3 homes (2 in New England, 1 in Florida for winters).  You would work with and help coordinate team of over 20 nurses, aides, and therapists to provide highest level patient care in the patient’s homes.  Two of the three homes are located in rural areas with distant access to high-quality, immediate, medical care.

Your work schedule would include:  three 12 hour shifts per week (total of 36 patient contact hours with you as primary RN).  IN ADDITION (and other than during vacation weeks) you would be required to be on-call and available the rest of each week as back-up and manager to other RN/CNA teams. Every 6 weeks you would have a full week of vacation.  Reasonable travel costs to/from your home every 6 weeks is also included.

Patient:  The patient diagnoses are CHF, NPH and fall precautions. 

Salary: $150K plus bonus opportunity; plus benefits including 100% Medical/dental/vision for employee and 401k.

We require:

  • A minimum of 10 years of high-level nursing experience including ICU/CCU/Critical Care nursing at top tier medical center. 
  • Homecare experience; must be comfortable working in a private residence, professional, and respectful of family/staff boundaries. 
  • Must be able to travel and live where we need you, when we need you (other than during scheduled vacations).
  • Must be physically fit (including but not limited to lifting a 40lb+ weight up to a 5ft high shelf--will be tested).  PT needs help with multiple ADLs and is not light.
  • Must be willing to assist in family ADLs, such as family cooking.
  • Unencumbered Nursing License (RN/NP).
  • Flexibility.
  • Experience with med-evac, a plus.
  • Very extensive background check required.
  • Nice, kind, nurturing, mindful, gentle, and cheery personality—required.

We are offering top compensation for an outstanding nurse and manage who wishes to commit to top-tier nursing care wherever the patient lives.

Provide current CV/resume and cover letter explaining why you would want to spend the next 2+ years working in such a role.