Licensed Nursing Assistant / Surgical Vascular Unit / Advanced Bonus Per Diem / Varied Hours

Derry, New Hampshire
Competitive Salary
Oct 10, 2017
Dec 20, 2017
Per Diem
Contract Type

Parkland Medical Center


Position:  Licensed Nursing Assistant

Basic Function:  Provides direct, age-specific care under the direction of an RN.


1. Assists RN in the implementation of patient care.

• Ensures patient safety and protection; collects and records vital signs and reports changes to RN; performs simple nursing procedures under the direction of the RN; uses/manages equipment safely and appropriately.

2. Communicates with patients, team members, and management in an accurate, timely manner.

•  Talks with, listens to patients/team members; reports pertinent, concise information; completes charting in a timely manner; manages computer charting/ordering as appropriate; protects confidentiality of patient/colleagues.

3. Applies critical thinking skills and considers alternatives.

• Organizes multitask workload; prioritizes tasks/work; seeks assistance as necessary; collects data from multiple sources as necessary; organizes/delivers basic care for multiple patient assignment under the direction of an RN.

4. Develops and maintains human care relationships.

• Understands the impact illness/hospitalization have on patients/families; adapts care for diverse populations and environments; advocates for needs of clients; provides care in ethical and legal manner; refers concerns/issues to RN.

5. Manages self and resources effectively.

• Acknowledges limits of experience and capability; identifies learning needs and seeks resources; utilizes equipment and supplies appropriately; maintains clean, orderly environment of care; ensures traffic control in “sensitive areas”; seeks out and accepts feedback; requests assistance appropriately.

• Interacts in professional manner--communicates directly, verbalizes scope of practice for self and others.

6. Assists with or reinforces teaching in delivery of care with a focus on heath promotion.

• Collaborates with RN to provide information to patient.

7. Applies knowledge of the patient populations served within unit/area of hire.

• Provides age-specific care; applies knowledge of expected norms in care. 

8. Demonstrates the unit-specific skills required for assigned role and service area in collaboration with the RN.

• With validation of competency, may discontinue peripheral intravenous devices, and foley catheters. 

9. Meets Parkland Medical Center standards related to:

• Patient Safety: reports actual or potential medical/health care errors, near-misses or other opportunities to improve patient safety.  Participates in safety education, safety, quality and performance improvement initiatives.

• Customer Service/Patient Centered Care: shows genuine concern, respect, and ability to communicate cordially with patients, visitors, physicians, and other employees; is sensitive to customer inconveniences and responds accordingly.

• Confidentiality, compliance, patient/provider rights: Adheres to corporate and professional codes of conduct, Standards of Excellence, HIPAA privacy standards.

• Attendance, punctuality, meetings: Participates in continuing education programs & mandatory education to maintain competence and gain additional skills & documents attendance.  Annual absenteeism will not exceed HR standards, attends at least 50% of staff meetings, reads communications.

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