Charge, Registered Nurse - Surgery Nights (Weekdays No Call)

Austin, Texas
Competitive Salary
Oct 10, 2017
Nov 09, 2017
Med / Surg
Contract Type
Unit Description: Weekdays only; no call

North Austin Medical Center's Department of Surgery is comprised of seven units that provide a wide range of services. The Operating Room consists of thirteen suits dedicated to performing a wide array of surgical interventions. Specialties include cardiac and neurology services with the only kidney transplant program in Austin. The Pre-Admission Testing, Ambulatory Services, Anesthesia, Post Anesthesia Care Unit, and sterile processing units all provide support for department volumes that exceed 10,000 procedures annually.


Under the general supervision of the units Director or designee the Charge Nurse assumes responsibility for direction and coordination of all functions in the unit on his/her designated shifts.  In collaboration with other members of the management team, this individual is responsible for the ongoing assessment of the quality of patient care services provided in unit. The Charge Nurse: A.         Assumes responsibility for direction and coordination of all functions during the designated shift. B.         Functions as a resource person for staff members and assists in necessary education of individual members of the nursing staff. C.         Assumes responsibility for the overall quality of nursing care provided when s/he is on duty. D.        Makes decisions regarding activities within these areas based on Administrative Operational Standards, Nursing Standards, Human Resource Standards, and Standards of Care for the unit, in collaboration with other members of the management team. Job Functions/Duties/Responsibilities This section is used to detail the essential functions/duties/responsibilities of the position and to initially assess the employees level of competency in each of the job functions as outlined.  All high risk/high volume and high risk/low volume areas will be reviewed on an annual basis on the employees Annual Evaluation.

Job Function/Duties/Responsibilities

1.      Ensures that Departmental mission and objectives are maintained for the unit with interpretation of these objectives to staff as necessary.  Coordinates Departmental activities with responsibility for the assessment of the quality and efficiency of these activities.     Assesses complexity of patient care and Department service needs to coordinate assignment of nursing staff to meet all required services on the unit on designated shift.                                                    2.      Ensures implementation of operational standards which promote the maintenance of patient rights including, but not limited to:                a.     Informed consent.                                    b.     Clarification of patient expectations.               c.     Explanation of treatment processes.                  d.     Maintenance of confidentiality of patient information.                                 e.     Maintenance of patient privacy by minimizing exposure during all procedures.                 f.     Adaptation of care to all ages of patients served.                                     g.     Ethical considerations.                              h.     Handling of patient complaints.                   i.     Ensures all LVN staffs patients records reflect an admission assessments & care plan performed by Registered Nurse. 3.      Demonstrates sound knowledge base in nursing practice and its clinical application to the patient population served in the unit, including the operation of equipment, and policy and procedures used in the delivery of patient care during his/her shift. 4.      Maintains communication with other members of the Management Team regarding potential/actual problems concerns, and with Medical Staff issues.  Assists with establishing and maintaining communication   channels with Medical Staff and departments in the Medical Center.             5.      Supervises personnel providing direct patient care, with delegation of activities based on patient care needs and competencies of available patient care staff. 6.      Provides direct and ongoing supervision of staff with regard to conflict resolution and personnel policy compliance, including input of performance evaluations and disciplinary actions.  7.      Assumes responsibility channeling employee grievances according to appropriate procedures. 8.      Teaches, supervises and serves as a resource for staff, assists with clinical procedures as needed and facilitates student/preceptor assignments as appropriate. 9.      Facilitates ongoing performance improvement activities which correlate to the Hospital-wide Performance Improvement Program with involvement of all levels of staff on designated shift as appropriate. 10.   Facilitates daily staff schedule along with the Nurse Manager/ Director to ensure appropriate staffing on designated unit. 11.   Makes assignments for the present or following shift to provide for smooth transition and ensures appropriate assignments throughout shift to cover changing patient needs and staff availability. 12.   Self-assigns patients and functions as necessary based on patient needs and available resources on unit. 13.   Communicates directly with the Director/Manager/Supervisor on unit and staff performance issues needing attention. 14.   Maintains effective utilization and maintenance of manpower, equipment, and supplies. 15.   Participates in cost containment programs as applicable to services provided.             16.   Actively participates in appropriate Department and Hospital committees and ensures that unit personnel are involved in this process as appropriate.                               17.   Maintains own professional growth through appropriate organizations, workshops, seminars, and other educational endeavors. 18.   Maintains awareness of current developments and trends in nursing practice. 19.   Rounds on patients during the shift. 20.   Ensures repair and maintenance problems are reported promptly.  Ensures all quality checks are conducted within given time frame, to include but not limited to refrigerator/freezer temperatures, crash cart, blanket warmer checks and other unit specific quality checks are completed as assigned. 21.   Displays initiative to see processes through to completion and offers assistance without being asked. 22.   Follows up and ensures completion of patient treatment, tests and procedures. Ensures all medication and narcotic discrepancies are resolved prior to leaving the shift. 23.   Monitors and maintains high standards regarding patient care and oversees compliance with core measures on applicable patients. 24.   Organizes, coordinates and facilitates the delivery of patient care activities throughout the shift, assists with bed assignments, discharge planning, census, and support completion of physicians orders and completes patient activity. 25.   Communicates appropriately with other members of the health care team to promote continuity of care.  Collaborates with preceptors and new employees, and facilitates new employees in becoming part of the team. 26.   Ensures repair and maintenance problems are reported promptly.  Ensures all quality checks are conducted within given time frame, to include but not limited to refrigerator/freezer temperatures, crash cart, blanket warmer checks and other unit specific quality checks as assigned. 27.   Service:              a.     Consistently provides outstanding service to all patients, physicians, fellow employees, and guests as appropriate to position.                b.     Displays initiative to see processes through to completion and offers assistance without being asked.                c.     Consistently responds to requests in a timely manner.                                                  28.   Teamwork:              a.      Actively participates in department committees and group meetings with a focus on providing input to improve the quality of services.              b.     Consistently demonstrates behavior which reflects that working as a team is more important than self-interest.              c.     Demonstrates interpersonal competencies such as critical thinking, problem solving, negotiation, and conflict management works to improve team work.                                                      29.   Attention to Behavior:              a.     Consistently maintains professional level of conduct.              b.     Facilitates communication with patients, physicians, guests, and co-workers as appropriate to position.                            c.     Consistently demonstrates courteous and positive behaviors, i.e., smile, pleasant tone, good eye contact.              d.     Protects confidentiality of patients/coworkers, respecting their dignity, privacy, and differences.                 e.     Shows respect for hospital property and the property of others.                          

Works autonomously, sets priorities and makes independent decisions of a complex nature.  Interfaces directly with public, physicians, staff, patients, administration and ancillary/ support department representatives.  Maintains confidentiality of patients medical records.  Regular and predictable attendance is required. Written and verbal communication skills adequate for performance of the position.  Written & verbal communication skills along with the supervisory skills are required.  Must be able to demonstrate understanding of HCAs and St. Davids “Patients First” safety initiative by strict compliance to all safety protocols and procedures.  Recognizes that variables such as age, race, nationality, culture, disease-causing vulnerabilities, socioeconomic factors affect the patient populations under their care. Uses interventions appropriate to these factors (e.g., interpreter, dietary preferences, social service consult, etc.)

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