Practice Manager

McAuley Tower-MCMT, MD, Baltimore
Aug 30, 2017
Sep 29, 2017
Contract Type
Full Time
This position oversees operational daily activities at a practice location. Responsible for office procedures, facilities management, equipment maintenance, processes invoices for payment, and supervision of staff. Customer Service/Quality Management: Is pleasant, respectful, courteous and professional in all interactions with patients, visitors, supervisors and peers, consistent with Mercy philosophy. Maintains patient confidentiality at all times. Participates in the development of innovative and effective programs and processes that satisfy patients and staff, control costs, and enhance practice. Maintains required state and federal regulatory standards including maintenance of appropriate logs and records as required by Mercy policies and procedures. Answers multiple telephone lines, directs and assists callers appropriately and completes phone messages in the manner prescribed by office policy and procedure. Works alternate hours, attends training classes outside of practice. Maintains a safe environment in compliance with all state and federal guidelines and Mercy policies and procedures. Demonstrates appropriate infection control precautions. Maintains technical skills and industry knowledge through continuing education programs. Maintains attendance records of less than three (3) absences in a 12 month period and reports for assigned hours on time. Teamwork: Establishes cooperative working relationships with physicians, senior management, practice staff and peers to facilitate timely and high quality completion of work. Actively participates in efforts to enhance the practice. Willingly accepts assignments outside job description when needed in the absence of other staff members or as requested by supervisor. Assists Operations Director, Senior Management and physician with projects and tasks as required. Attends at least 95% of staff meetings, in-services, and other meetings, which may be held outside of normal hours. Resource Management: Uses time efficiently. Maintains awareness of budgetary issues and actively participates in efforts to control expenses. Works effectively with available resources to meet deadlines and enhance performance. Oversees the maintenance of the inventory and order system, the office equipment and the office environment. Demonstrates knowledge of the practice operations and related policies. Oversees the daily activities of the business office including billing and collections. Will ensure all deposits are made in a timely manner and records are kept. Patient Care: Oversees and maintains the day-to-day operations of busy medical practice in a manner consistent with practice goals, policies and procedures. Serves as liaison between staff, providers, patients and others, accurately communicates information between all parties. Greets, screens, interviews and assists patients and visitors to the practice according to office guidelines. Consistently and accurately documents and communicates appropriate medical information to patients, physicians/providers, staff members and ancillary care providers in an understandable manner. Oversees and supports staff who are required to answer multiple, busy phone lines by the third ring, assist callers and take messages and/or delegate calls as appropriate. Oversees and supports staff who use computer system for scheduling, patient registration, charge and payment entry inquiries, inter-departmental communication and document preparation and prints encounter forms, lab slips, patient receipts and other information as needed. Oversees and supports staff who accurately schedule appointments for physician according to practice requirements and needs and confirms appointments. Review patient demographic information for completeness and accuracy, makes follow-up inquiries as appropriate, determines patient co-payment, reminds patients of unpaid balances and updates computer master record. Oversees and supports staff who collect patient co-payment, unpaid balances and other self-pay amounts, properly maintain daily patient sign-in logs, charge and payment logs and accurately and efficiently comply with practice protocols to insure the capture of all billable revenue on a daily basis. Maintains a current working knowledge of HMOs, managed care plans, and other third party payor regulations in the management of patients of the practice. Oversees the effective and efficient administration of a quality referral system. Oversees and supports staff who are required to file and pull medical records, and accurately maintain medical records in a neat, organized manner as defined by practice guidelines. Follows day end closing procedures, assures cash collected is kept safely stored until deposited, and accurately maintains batch control records. Applies principles of growth and development when providing individualized care to Adolescent, Adult and Geriatric patients and families. Adolescent Patients: Recognizes adolescent need for privacy, confidentiality and direction. Encourages self-care and self-motivation to participate in care. Utilizes appropriate language levels when interacting with adolescents. Adult Patients: Calls patient by appropriate title (Mr., Mrs., Rev., etc) with last name unless permitted to utilize another name. Includes patient in the implementation of the plan of care. Encourages self-care as much as possible. Geriatric Patients: Calls patient by appropriate title (Mr., Mrs., Rev., etc.) with last name unless permitted to utilize another name. Adapts care after identification of physical limitations caused by normal aging (vision, hearing loss, etc.) Includes patient and home care attendants in the implementation of the plan of care. Assures that the environment meets the safety needs for older adults including protection from fall and sharp objects. Leadership: Assists with hiring of new employees. Orients and trains new employees. Contributes to employee performance evaluations. Schedules staff and reviews time sheets for accuracy. Counsels and/or administers disciplinary action to employees as necessary in keeping with Mercy policies. Brings a focused, calming influence to crisis situations and assists with the direction of the appropriate action. Encourages and supports others to work cooperatively to accomplish tasks by engaging others in problem solving processes to identify improvement opportunities and achieve solutions.

-Must Possess BA/BS in Healthcare Administration, Business Administration, Finance or a related field (Relevant experience will be considered in place of a degree) -Minimum of 5 years of management experience

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