3 to 11 Shift RN, $1000 BONUS

Centre Pointe Health and Rehabilitation Center
Tallahassee, FL, US
Aug 23, 2017
Sep 23, 2017
Contract Type
Job Description

Registered Nurse (RN)

We are offering a $500 bonus to be paid out among a period of 6 months for all nurses hired from 2/7/2017 to 3/72017. Please call for details.

Position Overview

Provides care to residents in accordance with care plan as directed by physicians orders.

Basic Qualifications

Education and Certification:

RN degree (ASN minimum) from an accredited college or nursing school; current RN licensure within the state of practice; CPR certification required.

Skills & Requirements:

Must possess the ability to read, write and speak the English language; must be involved in health care matters and projects with the community as needed; must have strong communication and presentation skills in both group and individual situations; must be patient, friendly, courteous and respectful to residents in any situation, including difficult ones; must be able to make independent decisions when necessary; must have the ability to follow nursing department guidelines as outlined by the company and other regulations governing nursing services in a long-term care facility; must be able to move frequently throughout the workday; must be able to lift 40 lbs floor to waist; lift 20 lbs waist to shoulder; lift and carry 40 lbs; and push/pull 40 lbs.


Minimum one year nursing experience in a long-term care or other health care setting; geriatrics experience preferred.

Working Conditions

Primarily works in an office setting as well as throughout the nursing department; bends, lifts, sits, stands and moves frequently throughout the shift; deals with frequent interruptions and possibly upset residents and family members; works regularly scheduled shifts in addition to weekends and holidays and other hours based on resident needs; primary responsibility is service to the residents but also deals with visitors, government personnel, etc.; participates in required continuing education programs; subject to odors, falls, burns and exposure to infectious diseases, waste, etc., including AIDS and Hepatitis B viruses.

Competencies of Position

Professionalism and Compassion: Reports to work on time and as scheduled; works in unison with all staff; displays a willingness to help others; embraces constructive criticism; presents a friendly and professional attitude; displays genuine care and concern for the residents and families; remains sensitive to the needs of the residents; possesses the patience necessary to address questions and concerns of the residents or families in a respectful manner.

Resident Rights: Promptly reports resident grievances to supervisors; treats all resident care information with confidentiality; continuously monitors assigned areas to ensure residents are treated fairly and with dignity and respect at all times.

Organizational and Communication Skills: Ability to multi-task and is detail-oriented; possesses the ability to effectively prioritize matters promptly and appropriately; understands the importance of follow-up; has the ability to assist LPNs and CNAs in organizing daily tasks effectively; builds rapport with residents and families through listening attentively and effectively following up; able to effectively communicate individually or as a group; must have the ability to communicate effectively and respectively with CNAs, LPNs, physicians, families and residents.

Safety Awareness: Follows safety program guidelines; immediately reports accidents and incidents to supervisors; identifies unsafe working areas and promptly reports to supervisors; promotes safety by working as safely and efficiently as possible; consistently follows infection control and universal precautions and other guidelines; identifies and corrects or reports hazardous conditions to supervisors; understands facility emergency and evacuation protocols.

Customer Service: Treats all residents, families, co-workers, inquiries, referral sources and supervisors with dignity and respect and takes initiative to exceed customer expectations; professionally represents the facility, self and position to visitors and residents; shows genuine concern for the residents; demonstrates a positive attitude and willingness to help to all visitors and residents; remains sensitive to all needs through listening, observing and responding appropriately for the position held.

Leadership Skills: Possesses an approachable management style; ability to solve problems and treat each situation fairly; is calming during a crisis situation; ability to build positive relationships with employees and other managers; ability to exercise sound judgment; enables and motivates staff and provides on-going recognition and praise.

Essential Job Duties

  1. Successfully delivers basic nursing care to residents under in accordance with care plans as ordered by a physician.
  2. Conducts on-going assessments of residents to identify care needs and makes needed revisions to the care plan based on changes in resident condition.
  3. Documents interventions and resident or family education efforts timely and accurately.
  4. Effectively meets all care needs of the residents through timely completion of assigned duties.
  5. Responsible for a wide variety of nursing administrative duties.
  6. Conducts rounds within the nursing department to ensure quality care of residents.
  7. Accurately documents nursing care notes in resident charts in a timely manner.
  8. Performs medication administration and IV duties in accordance with the care plan as ordered by a physician.
  9. Monitors progress of the residents and makes suggestions regarding treatment plans which may further meet their care needs.
  10. Observes resident behavior, vital signs, symptoms, responses to treatment and reports findings to nursing supervisors.
  11. Reports changes in resident conditions to the nursing supervisors.
  12. Completes resident incident reports upon identifying changes in the condition of residents.
  13. Monitors residents skin to identify the risk of pressure sores and promptly reports to the nursing supervisors.
  14. Places medication and refill orders with the resident pharmacies as needed.
  15. Takes inventory of narcotics and monitors emergency kits.
  16. Monitors the emotional and physical conditions of the residents to ensure comfort and safety.
  17. Performs shift change reports with the previous shift nurses and ensures proper follow up.
  18. Understands and follows proper procedures for admission, transfer and discharge of the residents.
  19. May assist in the recruitment, selection and orientation of qualified team members for the Nursing Department.
  20. Provides expectations and monitors performance of specific nursing staff.
  21. Directs and develops LPNs and CNAs to ensure the delivery of high quality care and services in accordance with all laws, regulations and Company guidelines.
  22. Delegates assignments and provides overall supervision to LPNs and CNAs.
  23. Effectively communicates policies and procedures to LPNs, CNAs, Restorative Aides, residents, families and physicians.
  24. Provides overall supervision for timely responses to call lights; responds personally as needed.
  25. Assists in providing on-the-job training for new RNs, LPNs and CNAs.
  26. Assists in promoting a team environment through effectively communicating praise and recognition with the LPNs and CNAs.
  27. Monitors schedule adherence of staff for lunch and rest breaks, beginning and ending of shifts and overtime.
  28. Monitors job performance of LPNs and CNAs and provides correction as needed.

Other Job Duties

  1. Monitors resident meal trays to ensure proper diet is being served.
  2. May participate in development and delivery of in-service training programs.
  3. Participates in facility and department orientation program for new employees.
  4. Assists with communicating new admissions with nursing staff to ensure rooms are prepared for arrival.
  5. Provides direct nursing care as necessary.
  6. Promotes continuity of care through partnering with other departments (i.e. Rehab).
  7. Participates in discharge planning process.
  8. Actively participates in state or federal survey processes.
  9. May assist in performing safety in-services for nursing staff regarding exposures to blood or body fluids, infection control, etc.
  10. Assists in educating LPNs, RNs and CNAs on facility policies regarding resident right to refuse treatments.
Company Description

Centre Pointe Health and Rehabilitation Center believes in creating a culture of respect, integrity and compassion. Our team works together to fulfill our mission. We fundamentally believe that caring for the elderly and the disabled is a calling and we are committed to answering the call...

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