Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Little Sisters of the Poor - Mullen Home
Denver, CO, US
Aug 22, 2017
Sep 22, 2017
Support Staffing
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Currently hiring motivated individuals looking to pursue or continue a career in long term care.

SHIFTS AVAILABLE: FT Nights with Tues/Wed off, FT Days - every other weekend off. FT Days - every other weekend off.

Excellent Benes, avail including Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Pension, Vacation days, sick days, paid holidays, 403 (b) and uniform reimbursement.


  • Minimum Education: A high school education is preferred.
  • Has ability to hear, understand, read, write and communicate effectively in English. Is able to document observations.
  • Has evidence of good mental and physical health, maturity and responsibility.
  • Previous experience in a hospital or long term care facility is desirable.
  • Meets the State of Colorado requirements for the Certified Nurse Assistant and is currently on the registry. If not on the registry must agree to take an instructional program and successfully complete the program within the States time allotment.
  • Must have the ability to position and move a Resident and be able to bear the entire weight of the Resident in an emergency and move the Resident to safety.
  • Must possess the ability to perform *essential job functions with or without reasonable accommodations.



  • Identify and recognize the uniqueness of each Resident.
  • Demonstrate an ability to establish relationships with Residents and families and communicate with respect and dignity.
  • Observe and report to the nurse any changes or observations in Residents' behavior and physical status


  • Use proper body mechanics.
  • Applies mechanical supports and soft restraint properly, and documents them consistently and accurately.
  • Identifies the basic principles of nutrition and hydration.
  • Perform infection control practices .


  • Display ability to give personal care including the areas of: bathing (bed-complete/partial tub or shower), perineal care, oral hygiene (denture care), nail and hair care, dress/undress, prepare for meals, assist to feed (use of adaptive utensil/devices), assist with bowel/bladder elimination, and care of the dying and post mortem care.


Work is performed primarily indoors. Work environment is well lit, clean and suitable to tasks performed by the employee within temperature control standards that govern a skilled care facility. At risk factor pertains to Category I exposure to blood, body tissue, and fluids with occasional exposure to hazardous materials and illness. Occasional exposure to bodily injury due to unpredictable Resident's behaviors.


Wheel chair, gerichairs, Stand-Up and Hoyer lifts, beds, carts, trays, blood pressure apparatus & stethsocope, whirpool tub/lift, telephone, hearing aides, walking devices, chair scale and gait belt.


  • Must be able to walk and stand constantly - 90% of shift. Frequently bend, squat; kneel; twist; sit; bend and reach from floor to over head, and at times must move about in tight places and between objects.
  • Must be able to push/pull occupied wheelchairs/gerichairs with Residents weighing 80-250 pounds.
  • Must be able to transfer, lift and turn a Resident to or from a bed, wheelchair, toilet, tub and shower. Varying degrees of pushing, pulling and lifting are required due to differences in Resident weights, which could be over 100 pounds. In emergency situations, must be able to bear the Resident weight and to move the Resident to safety.
  • Must be able to continuously perform simple manipulative tasks as well as have finger, hand, arm dexterity/mobility and hand/eye coordination to safely provide personal care, and operate/calibrate some equipment, i.e. instruments to take a blood pressure.
  • Must have sufficient vision to see things up close so as to notice a change in Resident condition, (breathing, color, skin breakdown, etc.)
  • Must have adequate hearing to continuously hear normal sounds and voice patterns with some background noise. Must be able to hear/receive verbal instructions, answer the phone and call lights, respond to audible emergency signals/alarms and communicate effectively with Residents and others.
  • Must be able to detect the smell of smoke, spoiled food, soiled linen, etc.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively in English with Residents and others. Must be able to speak clearly to report Resident conditions.
  • Must have the cognitive ability to concentrate on moderate detail with some interruption. Attention span must be necessary to attend to a function from 10-25 minutes.
  • Must be able to understand and relate specific ideas and concepts such as how items taught in in-service are applied when giving care.
  • Must have the memory necessary to remember task/assignment given ranging from short to long periods of time. Must comprehend, remember and follow multiple instructions and directions for a full shift. Frequently must remember and follow directions without reminders over long periods of time.
  • Must have the emotional stability to deal effectively with the stress created by Residents' illnesses, disabilities and the aging process; working cooperatively as part of the health care team.

Job Type: Full-time

Company Description

The Mission of the Little Sisters of the Poor is continuing the work of St. Jeanne Jugan. Please visit our website at www.littlesistersofthepoordenver.org and/or www.littlesistersofthepoor.org

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