Vero RN
Natchez, Mississippi
Sep 26, 2022
Oct 26, 2022
Contract Type
Full Time

Title: Operating Room Travel Registered Nurse (OR RN)
Vero offers contract Operating Room Travel Registered Nurse (OR RN) 13-week assignments throughout the USA, Guam, and Saipan. We place healthcare professionals in rural hospitals, level 1 trauma centers, academic research facility emergency rooms, and other healthcare facilities that need help. At Vero, we embody our core values in all that we do: excellence, integrity, urgency, perseverance, and care. We go beyond finding you just a job placement, we focus on your individual needs. We are your partner for the journey ahead. Feel free to give us a call to explore opportunities: 877-450-4838.

Operating Room RN Specialty Description:
Duties of an OR RN are twofold. Some RNs can circulate and scrub, but some only do one or the other. A Scrub RN prepares the OR for the patient sets up tools and makes sure the area is sterile for surgery. They also assist the surgical team with their masks, gowns, and gloves. Theyll often aid the physician by passing instruments. After surgery they clear away the tools and prep the patient for transport to the recovery room. The Circulating OR RN works the perimeter of the surgical area inspecting equipment, double checking the patients identity and getting proper consent forms. The Circ RN also assists the anesthesiologist with the patient and works with the surgeon regarding any special concerns or needs that could affect the patients care. An RNFA watches for complications and monitors the patients vital signs, alerting the physician to any changes. Performs CPR and controls bleeding when applicable. RNFAs also suture (stitch) wounds and apply dressings and bandages. Often, travelers earn higher pay than staff nurses, but pay will vary based on assignment location, requirements, certifications, and your experience.

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