Nurses PRN
Multiple facilities across Chicago
Competitive Rates + Benefits
Mar 31, 2017
Apr 30, 2017
ICU / CCU, Other
Contract Type
Full Time

Job Description:

Strong at heart, compassionate & kind all come to mind when we envision you. Life and death situations are a daily occurrence - we know you do not take the task lightly! You make fast and accurate medical decisions during traumatic moments while remaining cool, calm and collected. What an incredible gift you are to the medical field. We need more people in the world like YOU. 


The ICU is a tough place to be - not only for your patient and their family, but for you too.  Your ability to constantly assess your patients, keep a level head, think quickly on your feet and have some of the most difficult conversations of your life proves that this job is not for the weak.  

Describing you is are assertive, detail oriented, in control, critical thinker, intense, compassionate, and a patient advocate. You have the ability to make difficult situations easier for families and your patients. How many people can say they are THAT impactful at work?!


  • 1 year of experience in the last 2 years…
  • Wearing bodily fluids that are not yours
  • Being able to hold your pee for long periods of time
  • Holding an active RN license
  • No drug use - negative drug screen needed
  • Current BLS from American Heart Association 


  • Weekly pay - to ensure you can go out & enjoy a movie
  • Direct deposit - going to the bank is just one extra step for you…
  • Dental insurance - you're smile changes lives, let's keep it looking good!
  • Life Insurance -  Morbid, but important to plan!
  • Medical Insurance - Nurses get sick too!
  • Advantage Group - Life happens, so let's prepare for the bad and hope for the good!
  • Referral Bonus - We want more nurses like you, earn money from your awesome nurse friends!
  • Renewal Bonus - don't leave us! :)
  • 401-K - We promise that someday we want you to retire...SOMEDAY! 
  • Joint Commission Certified - You are not the only one held to high standards, we are too!

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