St Thomas Hospital Admission Process Letter

Florence Nightingale sent this letter to a nurse candidate describing the admission process at St. Thomas Hospital.

London July 16 1880

"Mrs. Moan I have only just received your letter. I hasten to send you the Regulations for training Nurses at St. Thomas Hospital. You will fill up the form at the back, send it to Mrs. Wardroper St. Thomas Hospital S.E. Subject to whose selection candidates are admitted. We are rarely able to admit Probationers above the age of 35, which is considered nearly the highest age desirable for entrance as we have always so many candidates waiting for vacancy. It is possible that, if other qualifications are good, an exception may be made for you. And I assume you you have my best wishes that you should succeed, if after reading the Regulations you still desire to be a candidate for the noble career, because so useful, of Nursing. Yours faithfully Florence Nightingale You will have to be seen by Mrs. Wardroper before admission." F.N.