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Nurses Night in - Trivia Edition

Past Event

July 23, 2024 7:30pm EST

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Thank you to everyone who attended Nurses Night In - Trivia Edition and thank you to Diana Page, the Self Care Catalyst, for joining us live! Couldn't make it live? No worries! Create an account or log in to your existing account to view the event recording. 

Interactive Games

Join an exciting virtual gathering filled with interactive activities. Engage in nurse trivia, the entertaining "Caption This" Meme Game, and more. Special surprises are planned to ensure everyone stays entertained and connected in this celebration of nursing!

Connect With Fellow Nurses

Spend the evening with nursing peers who deeply understand the profession's unique joys and challenges. Connect with others who share your experiences and unwind in a supportive atmosphere while enjoying fun games and activities.

Continue the Celebration

This is just the beginning! Uncover the various ways is celebrating nurses and their commitment to healthcare 365 days a year.