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Goal and Learning Outcomes

Healthcare clinicians will have contact with older adults in increasing numbers. Treating these patients will require a fundamental knowledge of healthy aging, so it is paramount to know the effects of aging on the mind and body. Common psychosocial challenges, such as loneliness and loss of independence, will be reviewed. Further, a review of common age-related physical changes will be provided. Helpful strategies that healthcare providers can use to support their patients during late adulthood will also be provided.

After taking this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the psychological and physical benefits that relationships provide in later life
  • Discuss the disease-related and age-related sexual changes for men and women
  • Identify at least three behavior choices that promote healthy aging
  • Discuss age-related sexual changes for men and women.
  • Recall at least three psychosocial challenges that are commonly associated with late adulthood.
  • Identify age-related physical changes related to sleep and cognitive functioning.
  • Discuss effective strategies that healthcare providers can utilize to support healthy aging.

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Course Originally Released On: 11/01/22

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