CE Broker is now the official CE Tracking system for the South Carolina Board of Nursing. You’re joining the 1.7 million licensees across the nation that use CE Broker. With your CE Broker account, you can report and track your required CE so you always know where you stand. All you need to do is activate your free account to check your compliance status. Once you’ve completed and/or reported all requirements and status in your account, you can then submit your license renewal application. While looking for your CE Courses, be sure to use Nurse.com to get all the CE hours you need. Nurse.com is the premier partner of CE Broker. Nurse.com automatically reports CE on your behalf, and would be reported in your CE Broker account. With 650+ courses for you to choose from and 30 years’ experience, the ANCC accredited courses are sure to cover the topics you’re looking for. While you’re searching for your CE courses, check out the Nurse.com Unlimited CE Membership.

CE Broker and Nurse.com At $49.95 per year, an Unlimited CE Membership includes:
  • ALL State Required courses
  • 650+ Free CE Courses
  • 50% off all premium courses over 1.5 contact hours

This is in addition to the basics which include:
  • License reminders
  • Transcript storage
  • Free CE alerts and promotional savings
  • Customized job alerts
  • Resume uploads
  • Nurse.com Resource Guides