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Introducing Laura Hailes, RN, Roosevelt Scholar

By | 2020-04-15T16:39:15-04:00 December 5th, 2012|Categories: Archived|Tags: | spoke to this year's Roosevelt Scholar as she traveled, gathered research about shared governance. Laura Hailes RN Name: Laura Hailes, RNOrganisation: Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) NHS TrustShort description of your current job/role: Staff Nurse within a busy, acute inpatient oncology ward and on rotation between the male oncology ward and the mixed, teenage and

Be Part of a Winning Team for Your Patients

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By: Martha Tice MS, RN, ACHPN, Clinical Nursing Editorial Director, Martha Tice Joan was so short of breath from end-stage pulmonary disease she could barely get the words out: “This is the best care I have ever had!” During my 15-year career in hospice and palliative care, I heard many variations of those

Courses to Navigate you Through Shark-Infested Waters of Conflict

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By: Phyllis Class, RN, Executive Director, Allied Health CE at Gannett Education Phyllis has 25 years of management experience. She still hates drama. Phyllis Class, RN Fresh out of retorts and with my back against the wall, I finally called a stalemate by uttering the "W" word. Even the manager who pushed me

Top Tips for Nurses from the Career Fair Trail

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By: Tammy Pennington, Director of Events at Tammy has 17 years of experience as an Event Producer. She is a proud Texan, unabashed redhead. How can you get the most from your career fair experience? Want to make the most of your visit to the Career Fairs? Try some of these tips:#1. Avoid peak

Hi there! Welcome to the new Blog

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By: Jennifer Thew, National Nurse Editor at Welcome old (and new) friends! Thanks for stopping by to visit the brand-spanking new blog. We’re so excited about our new place that we’d offer you a cup of coffee if we could.  Unfortunately, there are still some things technology hasn’t quite figured out (yet). Still,