Walgreens takes over clinics

Take Care Health Systems, a subsidiary of Walgreens, took over management of 11 walk-in, professional healthcare centers at Walgreens drugstores in the Atlanta area from RediClinic in October and added five more locations after th Read More

Evidence-based Practice 101

When Pat Jordan, ADN, CCRN, isn’t working in the ICU at John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital in Phoenix, you’ll find her in the medical library searching for an answer to her burning question: How can I decrease the incidents Read More

Iowa NP Specializes in Menopause Care

Iowa women confronted with the physical and emotional changes accompanying menopause have an advocate in Diane Clevenger, RN, NP. After three decades of caring for childbearing women, Clevenger began specializing in menopause care in June 2007. She provides guidance and listens to women’s concerns about midlife changes. Read More

Our Future Rooted in Our Past

With a little help from the women’s liberation movement, the nursing profession has made some dramatic changes. The movement helped RNs see themselves as equals to others in the healthcare profession, which, in turn, helped them achieve the field’s full potential. As a result, lifelong career nurses were born who pushed for advanced education, specialized practice, improved patient care, and more. Read More

CT Scans Raise Cancer Risk

Millions of Americans are receiving unnecessary computed tomography (CT) scans that could be raising the risk of cancer, says a new report in the New England Journal of Medicine. In a few decades, CT scans could be responsible for Read More