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Making a case for nurse certification

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While not an actual degree, nurse certification in your specialty may make sense You want to take that next step on your career path and you’re wondering what it should be. You are asking yourself whether the time is right to begin an advanced degree, complete one you started some time ago or perhaps pursue

Research shows waiting to bathe newborns beneficial

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One nurse’s research has created a waiting to bathe newborns policy for newborns in half of Advocate Health Systems hospitals. This includes Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin, Ill., a Chicago Tribune news article reported on June 11. Courtney Buss, RN, who works at Advocate Sherman, researched and recorded the benefits of vernix in newborns. “Her

Texas grants first nurse practitioner full practice authority

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According to an Amarillo Globe-News article published June 7, a nurse practitioner has been granted full practice authority in the state of Texas. Charlene Seale is a certified nurse practitioner at the Thomas E. Creek VA Medical Center in Amarillo. “I felt very fortunate,” Seale was quoted as saying, about being chosen as the state’s